OJ Wheels Tomahawk Greyson Fletcher 55mm 101A



OJ Wheels Tomahawk Greyson Fletcher 55mm 101A


The only thing radder than this black and white swirl is Greyson Fletcher! OJ Wheels Tomahawk model is far from dull and boring, swirled urethane and crazy cool graphics. Setting new standards for decades.

OJ Wheels is renowned for their durable urethane compounds and innovative wheels designs. Grab a set and be ready to shred! OJ does the age old name justice and keeps it going amazing wheel after amazing wheel.

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OJ Wheels Tomahawk Greyson Fletcher 55mm 101A Vancouver Online Shopping CanadaAre you a super rad transition skater who wants a wheel to suit your style? Greyson Fletcher is an amazing transition rider and these OJ Wheels Tomahawk models are beyond sick. They feature a black and white swirled urethane, making them far from plain!  Their versatile size makes them a serious transition or park wheel.

Santa Cruz put out OJ wheels in the 80s and man were they a hit! OJ has been a name synonymous with great quality skate wheels. Needless to say these wheels do not let the legacy of the name down. Super rad for new or old shredders. OJ makes wheels in so many varieties because they understand the diversity and needs of both modern and old school skaters.

  • 55mm
  • 101A
  • Great for transition
  • Swirled urethane

Slash and flow is in his blood, but for his pro debut Greyson takes it double over head into the deepest pits and fastest parks – controlled chaos at it’s finest. And wait’ll you see what he’s got on these kinked rails … Congrats Fletcher!


OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels Vancouver Skateshop OnlineTurning shitty skate spots into not so shitty spots since 1974. OJ Wheels have a reputation for riding smoother, skating harder, and performing better than other skate wheels. Whether its park, vert, or your nearest ditch.
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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 cm

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