OJ Winkowski 8 Elite Mini Combo 56mm 101a



OJ Winkowski 8 Elite Mini Combo 56mm 101a


Fresh urethane from one of the top skateboard wheel brands!

These classy black wheels come in modern conical shape with durometer of 101a and 56mm size. 

Overall, these wheels are perfect to set up on a transition or street board. Slide more predictably and smoothly with the “#$&@ Around and Find Out” formula. Land your gnarly tricks and go play billiards with your homies after. And Oj Elites will be around and ready for action.

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Buy Oj Wheels Winkowski Elite Mini Combo 8 Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Oj Winkowski 8 Elite Mini Combo are top quality wheels featuring new Oj Elite formula!

These pool inspired wheels from OJ skateboard wheel brand, come in the original size and shape of 56mm and 101a. Overall, they are perfect to set up on a transition board!

These are the modern shape conical wheels that are hard and smooth. You will benefit from less friction with the ledge when doing grinds, allowing you to grind longer. Also, the new Oj Elite formula is surprisingly balanced and predictable. A little more grip compared to Insane-a-Thanes, but same smooth lipslides are not leaving anywhere!


  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Durometer: 101a
  • Erick Winkoski signature wheel
  • Billiards inspired design
  • New Oj Elite formula
  • Modern conical shape
  • Perfect to setup on a transition board!

Check out Erick’s NHS product pillage. That’s what you get for being an amazing skateboarder!


OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels Vancouver Skateshop OnlineTurning shitty skate spots into not so shitty spots since 1974. OJ Wheels have a reputation for riding smoother, skating harder, and performing better than other skate wheels. Whether its park, vert, or your nearest ditch.
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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 5 cm

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