Orangatang Cage 73mm 86a Yellow


cage34The Orangatang Cage 73mm wheels are named after non other then the legend himself; Nicolas Cage. Cage now comes in a sour lemon flavor, to make those lips pucker!

The Cage wheel is a great all around wheel for freeride and some downhill, The wheel features a centerset core which gives you extra stability, and the new peachy thane which is great for high speed slides. If you’re wanting a new great all around wheel then go for the Cage wheels.

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Orangatang Menopause Wheels Vancouver

Orangatang Cage Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverTall and charming, The Cage holds it together with an air of calm and collected charisma… but is always prepared to lose its shit and get wild.

The Orangatang Cage 73mm is here to deliver when the script calls for inordinate momentum, firm yet pliable grip, and high-speed slides. Step away from the bike… and get your downhill fix on four wheels.

The Cage features gently bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges, and stone-ground contact surfaces. A newly designed 38x38mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section keeps the lips firmly supported like a burly botox injection, promoting smooth, consistent slides and even wear.

The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box.The Cage is poured in our proprietary Peachy Thane for a balance of buttery drifts and high durability. Slightly grippier than Euphorethane yet slipperier than Happy Thane, Peachy Thane offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride.

  • Named after “CAGE HIMSELF”
  • 41.5mm Contact Patch
  • Red Core
  • Centerset core
  • 3 Different duros
  • Peachy Thane
  • Lemon flavor

Think outside the box. Get out of your element. Leave your room. Escape your Cage, or get your own! Riders: Jonathan Douglas, Dane Webber,Ethan Cochard and Daniel Fissmer.



Buy Orangatang Wheels Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupOrangatang Wheels began in 2008 as a means for advocating the civil liberties of the indigenous river Capybaras of Southern California. We are passionate about materials, are committed to environmentally conscious design and production, appreciate the subtleties of process (the devil's in the details) and are devotees of functionally driven design. Like a shot of adrenaline for a stale economy of shredding, the Orangatang wheel is here to breathe new life into your ride. Also famous for their unrelated foray into exotic animal jerky manufacturing. Orangatang Wheels, makers of Dad Bods, Caguama, Skiff, Kegel, Moronga, In Heat, 4President, Durian, Stimulus, Fat Free, The Cage, The Kilmer, and The Keanu. How soft do you let these soft wheels get? Blue 77a!

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm

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