Powell Peralta Halo Snake Deck 8.25″ x 31.95″ Black



Powell Peralta Halo Snake Deck 8.25″ x 31.95″ Black


The Powell Peralta Halo Snake Deck is that perfect board which is great for beginners to pro level skating. It works well in the streets, skateparks, pools, freestyle, bombing hills or just pushing to the store!

This deck features a thin and lightweight design, which has an excellent torsional rigidity. With a premium quality, 7-ply hard-rock Maple this board is made just right and provides a crisp pop just as the graphic does itself!

Length: 31.95″ Width: 8.25″ WB: 14.25″

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  • Established 1978
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Buy Powell Peralta Halo Snake Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Powell Peralta Halo Snake Deck is the all around board!

This deck is part of Powell Peralta’s popsicle shape line-up. Made in their Skate One factory using Skate One AirLamĀ® presses, and the top quality maple and glue to maintain that high-quality industry standard. Additionally, these new decks have assorted color stained top veneers along with a red center ply. Overall, this deck is lightweight, thin, have excellent torsional rigidity, and a crisp pop!


  • Length: 31.95″
  • Width: 8.25″
  • Wheelbase: 14.25″
  • Nose: 6.88″
  • Tail: 6.63″
  • 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Shape: 248
  • Concave: K20
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Join the Bones Brigade as they go on their quest in search of the legendary skateboarding master – Animal Chin. Featuring: Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Per Welinder, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Mike McGIll, Mike Vallely, Doug Smith, Jesse Martinez, Jim Thiebaud, Bryce Kanights and more…


Powell Peralta

Powell Skateboards Canada Online Sales VancouverPowell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. CalStreets (early 80's) was Powells's 2nd distributor in Canada after Northwest Skateboards (Harry Greenberg).
The company rose to prominence in the 1980s as skateboarding began maturing as a sport. The company featured the Bones Brigade, a team of the era's top competitors.
Peralta left the company in 1991 and Powell continued to produce skateboard equipment as Powell, Bones Bearings and RollerBones. The two company founders reunited to produce the company's now classic inventory under the name Powell Classic.
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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 5 cm
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