Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta Skateboard Skeleton Pin 1.5″


Some companies fade into the background while others take their spot. Powell Peralta refuses to let that happen to them. They have been a mainstay in the skate industry for years, and they ain’t slowing down any time soon.

This Powell Peralta Skateboard Skeleton pin is a perfect example of that. They continue to remain relevant with their timeless graphics and overall attitude in general. Slap this pin onto any item piece you desire, and skate and strut around as happily as Powell Peralta’s skateboard skeleton is!

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Powell Peralta Pins Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupPowell Peralta Reissue Decks Sale Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverIn 1978, artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ) crafted an iconic image for Powell Peralta, inspired by his earlier Bones wheels posters from 1977. This artwork featured a skateboarding skeleton named Rosie. To ensure authenticity, a life-sized skeleton dubbed Rosie was purchased from a medical supply shop. After meticulous propping and rigging, Rosie was frozen in a skateboarding pose for reference. VCJ then brought the concept to life, creating a graphic that became synonymous with the Powell Peralta brand. Released in 1979, this illustration marked a significant moment in skateboarding culture. Today, it remains a timeless emblem, depicted in various forms such as stickers, T-shirts, and now, a 1.3″ tall soft enamel pin. Crafted with black nickel metal and featuring glow-in-the-dark enamel for the skeleton, this pin captures the essence of Rosie’s skateboarding spirit. With one military clutch for attachment, it serves as both a tribute to skateboarding history and a nod to VCJ’s enduring legacy in the sport.


  • Diameter 1.5″
  • Classic graphic
  • 2 Military Clutches
  • VCJ Artwork
  • Classic Reissue Graphic

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Powell Peralta

Powell Dealer Canada Vancouver CalStreetsPowell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. It became known for its Bones Brigade team, which included top skateboarding competitors of the 1980s. Peralta left the company in 1991 and Powell continued to produce skateboard equipment under the Powell, Bones Bearings, and RollerBones brands. CalStreets or CSI was the company's second distributor in Canada after Northwest Skateboards.
Powell Peralta

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