RDS Machine Flask



RDS Machine Flask


This RDS Machine Flask is the perfect accessory to have on the go at anytime and anywhere!

The RDS Machine Flask is a 7 oz. metal flask with stainless steel build, and an etched logo in the centre. The RDS Flask is designed to be easy portable and you can carry your favorite liquid refreshment anytime you skate.With the screw lip this flask is always well sealed and guarantees that your liquid will not spill off.


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Buy RDS Machine Flask Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe RDS Machine Flask is the perfect accessory for any skater while on any adventure. Whether it’s a house party or just passing time with friends!

This flask features a stainless steel build which shines bright to direct you to holy water of the Skate Gods. To top it off, it has a lossproof screw top cap and 7 0z. capacity, to fill up with your favourite drink!


  • 70z capacity!
  • Stainless steel
  • Lossproof screw top cap
  • Slim design
  • Fits in vest / back pocket
  • A blessing from the Skate Gods
  • Drink up!

With endless skate spots to be discovered, you never know what party adventures you would come across. The RDS Machine Flask will simply help aid you in any situation and provide you with a drink at any occasion. As well, you can show off your “bad boy” skater attitude with this kickasss RDS Machine Flask. RDS has released an exciting line of accessories, that you won’t be able to resist yourself from acquiring. From stickers and pins to tools and floor mats. RDS has thought of it all and is ready to share it with you. As a result, do you want to ride the red dragon yourself? Don’t waste a second more! Take a ride to see what other amazing products they have to offer here: RDS



RDS Skater VancouverWhat began as a crew has turned into an international movement and way of life; Red Dragon Apparel (RDS) traces it beginnings to a group of friends who through their professional skateboard careers would come to change the face of skate-inspired clothing. Founded by Canadian skateboard legends; Colin McKay, Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce and Moses Itkonen, the Red Dragon clothing brand was initially launched in 1998 following the opening of their flagship North Vancouver RDS store.
  With its sights set on the future, RDS continues to grow and reach new markets but insists on remaining true to its skateboard roots. It will always be about friends, pushing the limits and of course, FSU!
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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm