Ripide PSD Out-Side Footstop Green


The Riptide PSD Out-Side Footstop green is ideal for locking your feet in without losing the ability to adjust your feet as you need. With a vibrant green colorway, you can add a little flare of colour to your setup and still look classy.

The convex shape lets you pivot your feet around the footstop for different slides or riding styles, furthermore adding for a more comfortable feel. If you are the type of rider who likes to move their feet a lot while riding, this would be the ideal footstop for you.

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Riptide Pivot Cups Vancouver Canada

Riptide PSD Out-side Footstop Green VancouverThe Ripide PSD Out-Side Footstop green is designed to keep you locked in while still giving you the freedom to adjust your front foot.

With the use of a footstop it gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate, which allows you to skate with more confidence and consistency. If you skate at night, you always know where your foot is on the deck without having to look down or seeing it at all.

The Convex shape of the Ripide PSD Out-Side Footstop green allows you to pivot your foot around it without compromising grip, making it easier to adjust for different slides or riding style. The Out-Side Footstop is ideal for those who like to lock it in for fast freeride. DON’T FORGET THEY COME IN A TON OF COOL COLORS!

  • 65D Urethane
  • 1.75” Hardware Included
  • Adjustable Placement
  • Lightweight: 32gm
  • Length: 39.6mm
  • Width: 87.4mm
  • Height: 23.6mm
  • Slot Lenght: 19.1mm

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm