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Rip N Dip Catfish Griptape 9″ x 33″


RIPNDIP now has funky griptape, to help keep your board in style, such as this RIPNDIP Catfish Griptape. This piece of grip illustrates where it all began!

RIPNDIP has joined forces with MOB Griptape to provide the best and most durable skate grip for your liking. This grip comes by the sheet, with dimensions of 9 inches by 33 inches. RIPNDIP has many great accessories and products, be sure to check them all out!

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  • Established 1978
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Buy Rip N Dip Griptape Vancouver online sale CanadaThe Buy Rip N Dip Griptape Vancouver online sale CanadaRIPNDIP Creation of Nermal Griptape illustrates where it all began!

Now you can bring the fun of the Nermal style to your skateboard, in addition with the new RIPNDIP Catfish grip tape. Re-grip your board with a stylish RIPNDIP CatFish graphic on the top with a perforated bubble-proof and water-resistant design for durability.

RIPNDIP’s grip is a collaboration with Mob Griptape! This furthermore provides RIPNDIP’s grip features a groundbreaking graphic that in conclusion locks full color illustrations and crystal clear photographs.  Which is most noteworthy designed into the grit of the griptape itself. Therefore, without sacrificing the durability, grip, and feel which in conclusion makes Mob the #1, hence why it’s the choice of many professional skateboarders.

Mob’s advanced process produces extremely durable graphics, from small ‘deck top’ sizes to full sheet graphics.


  • Dimensions: 9″ x 33″
  • Exclusive silicon-carbide
    grit binding
    process for grip that will
    wear out
  • High-strength,
    waterproof, tear-proof
    backing that trims cleanly
    every time
  • Super sticky adhesive
    that won’t peel
    in extreme heat or cold


RIPNDIP is a fun company that offers great quality clothing and skate products. Most of all, come on down at Boarder Labs and CalStreets and check out all the amazing products and accessories we have to offer from RIPNDIP.


Discontinued Product Info Archive

Discontinued Product Info Archive


Buy Rip N Dip Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRyan O'Connor started writing Rip N Dip on campers boards at a skate camp in the summer of '06. Kids instantly started writing Rip N Dip on each others boards. Immediately he saw how hyped the kids got, so he made a batch of shirts to sell.
RIPNDIP is a Los Angeles based clothing brand originally founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor. They have a very specific voice and it often focuses on eccentric designs that aren't afraid to stray from the norm.
It’s time to stop being lame and tedious. Don’t be THAT loser with no style or substance! Get some Rip N Dip, and never will your circle of friends be the same again!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 10 × 2 cm