RipNDip Lord Santa Wake And Bake Mug PINE GREEN


Titty Stress Releiver Rip N Dip Boobcuzzi Stress Boob Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverThe RipNDip Lord Santa Wake and Bake Mug provides you with the best of worlds in the morning!

From having a hot cup of joe to being higher than the clouds, this ceramic mug does it all. Pack, toke, sip all while you sit back, relax, annd enjoy the bake. Don’t worry, the pipe does not filter through the mug so you won’t be contaminating your beverage of choice, so you’re not drinking your bong water!

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The RipNDip Lord Santa Wake and Bake Mug is the best of both worlds!

We all know what was on your Christmas wishlist this year, and now it can be yours. Get your hands on the hottest mug in town, and start off your morning the right way.

Whether you choose just sip on a beverage of your choice or pack and toke while sitting back and relaxing, this mug does it all in one place. 

Featuring a Lord Santa Nerm hanging out of the top of your cup, this ceramic mug brings festive cheer to your life and convenience. No need to worry, the pipe does not filter through the mug so you’re not drinking your bong water.


  • Curl up by the fireplace.
  • The best part of waking up
  • Is Santa Nerm in your cup!
  • Sit back – Relax
  • And enjoy the bake
  • Ceramic Coffee Mug Pipe Combo
  • Lil Nerm Hanging Out Of The Top
  • Pack, Toke, Sip
  • Pipe Does Not Filter Through Mug
  • So You Aint Drinking Ur Bong Water
  • Must be 18+ to order