Riptide APS Chubby Bushings



The Riptide APS Chubby Longboard Bushings offer high rebound and maximum stability.

The APS Chubby is a go to for downhill race with lots of rebound. Hit the hills confidently with a Chubby.

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The Riptide APS Chubby Bushings offer high rebound and maximum stability. The wider width of the chubby bushings fill the gap between the baseplate and the hanger to improve stability.

Lively and responsive, high-performance urethane with just the right amount of rebound.  Very linear in response so you can control the bushing instead of the other way around.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the right bushing:

Riptide APS BUSHING CHART, all you'll need to know



RipTide + CalStreets Bushings Pivot Cups Canada Pickup Vancouver RipTide's all about designing and developing the sickest gear out there, no doubt. When you're searching for the perfect bushing, you gotta focus on three things: how you ride, the shape of the bushing, and the durometer. The durometer of a bushing is what determines whether it's hard or soft. And that's what's gonna give you that sweet lean you're looking for. But when you're picking out the right durometer, you gotta consider two things: your riding style and your weight. If you're all about bombing hills, you're gonna want a harder bushing for max stability. But if you're more into freeriding, a softer bushing's gonna be your jam. And don't forget about your weight, either. If you're a featherweight, go for a soft bushing. If you're packing some pounds, you'll wanna go harder.  

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm

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