Riptide WFB Tall Barrel Bushings 78a – Orange (Riders: Under 75lbs)


Designed for use in trucks that require Tall Bushings (such as Ronin, Bear Kodiak, Arsenal), these Riptide WFB Tall Barrels offer the next step up in stability!

With a 78a durometer rating, these are ideal for light-weight riders (under 75lbs). Featuring a signature WFB formula, the unique lubrication offers reduced bushing friction for fast transitions and a deeper lean than the APS Formula.

NOTE: WFB rides a couple of points softer than they test, please order accordingly.

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Riptide WFB Tall Barrel Bushings Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRiptide WFB Tall Barrel Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Riptide WFB Tall Barrel Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRiptide Bushings Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupRiptide Bushings, Pivot Cups, Footstops Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Riptide WFB Tall Barrel Bushings are designed for trucks requiring tall bushings such as Ronin, Bear Kodiak, Arsenals, etc!

Tall barrels offers the next step up in stability above Riptide’s Tall Cones and are often used for a broad range of skating disciplines depending on the skater’s skill level and personal preference. 

Awesome as a double-barrel application, but amazingly changeable when paired with a Cone, Chubby or Fat Cone.

Depending on whether you’re searching to find a carvy, surfy feel (Tall Barrel/Tall Cone), one with more stability (Tall Barrel/Tall Fat Cone) or one that is great for flat-out speed (Tall Barrel/Tall Chubby).

This bushing registers within the soft durometer bushing range and are for are for light-weight (under 75 lbs) riders and for those looking for a tight.

Please keep in mind, that WFB bushings ride a couple of points softer than they test.


The WFB Formula will feature a white powder residue on the surface, which is a good thing and is expected. This unique lubrication added that does not bond with the urethane. Photographed products had been washed beforehand, so do not worry if your product arrives with a white powder on the surface.

This compound offers reduced bushing friction for fast transitions and a deeper lean than the APS. WFB will turn 15% to 20% more than the same durometer of other brands. WFB also offers lower rebound than APS and is designed for the rider that wants a very fluid response.

Truly the bushing of choice for the more experienced rider that wants to control their bushings instead of the bushings controlling them.

Like APS, the WFB compound does not change much when you tighten the kingpin nut past snug. We recommend tightening to the point where it is difficult to turn the bushing in the bushing seat by hand.


  • Durometer: 78a
  • Sold as a pair (2) bushings 
  • Barrel dimension: 0.75″ (H)
  • Formula: World’s Fastest Bushing
  • Ideal for riders: Under 75 lbs
  • Pre-lubricated for less friction
  • WFB formula turns 15% to 20% more
  • (2) tall barrel bushings
  • (1) RipTide Sports sticker

WFB Barrel Bushings Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

This is an in-depth review video featuring the WFB formula bushings from Riptide Sports. The guys at Riptide were kind enough to let me test out one of their very unique bushings in three different shapes: Barrel, Chubbie, and Fatcone. The WFB is truly a one of a kind formula offering very little resistance and rebound during lean or turn allowing for a bushing that relies on rider ability. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on these bushings and they are a blast for anyone who is looking to get lean for days.




RipTide + CalStreets Bushings Pivot Cups Canada Pickup Vancouver RipTide's all about designing and developing the sickest gear out there, no doubt. When you're searching for the perfect bushing, you gotta focus on three things: how you ride, the shape of the bushing, and the durometer. The durometer of a bushing is what determines whether it's hard or soft. And that's what's gonna give you that sweet lean you're looking for. But when you're picking out the right durometer, you gotta consider two things: your riding style and your weight. If you're all about bombing hills, you're gonna want a harder bushing for max stability. But if you're more into freeriding, a softer bushing's gonna be your jam. And don't forget about your weight, either. If you're a featherweight, go for a soft bushing. If you're packing some pounds, you'll wanna go harder.  

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 cm


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