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Satori Neen Williams Mushroom Conical 53mm 101a Purple


Check out these stunning Neen Williams Mushroom pro wheels by Satori Movement. They feature a wide conical shape with increased contact patch and a sharp lip for the best lock-in. Developed and poured in the USA with sustainability in mind.

Best for park and street skating, these wheels can handle some rougher terrain due to their wide design. 

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we'ed rather be skateboarding Satori Wheels Movement Skateboarding Canada Pickup Vancouver

Satori Neen Williams Mushroom Conical 53mm 101a Purple Skateboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverSatori Neen Williams Mushroom Conical 53mm 101a Purple Skateboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverFrom the Heelflip Guru, Mr. Williams, here come Mushroom wheels by Satori Movement. They rock a sick wide conical shape with a 20mm contact patch for improved control and more grip. To top it off, they lock onto rails/ledges/pool coping firmly due to a sharp lip design, that also reduces drag for longer grinds.

Coming at a 33mm overall width, these wheels will look harmonious on most board sizes, and will look best on boards 8.25″ and up.

Developed and poured in the USA with sustainability in mind. The brand have been pioneering eco-friendly wheel manufacturing methods since 1998. Satori uses veggie oil instead of petroleum to reduce carbon footprint. To top it off, they encourage skaters to send them any old, skated wheels. They are going to reshape them and use as wheel cores, as stated in their “EcoThane” project. Join the Satori Movement!


  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Durometer: 101a
  • Width: 33mm
  • Contact Patch: 20mm
  • Conical shape, threaded ride surface
  • Neen Williams pro wheels
  • Purple Mushroom graphic
  • Made in the USA
  • More Here: Satori Movement

Satori Movement Skateboard Wheels Ecothane Canada Pickup Vancouver

Satori’ Wheels’ “We’ed Rather Be Skateboarding” Promo.


Satori Movement

Satori Wheels Spencer Hamilton Canada Pickup VancouverSatori was the first wheel company ever to figure out a way to recycle used wheels as urethane can not simply be melted down like other plastics. Satori Wheels was founded in 1998 with a focus on bringing sustainability to skateboarding and lifestyle culture. "Satori" comes from Japanese Buddhism and means pure awareness, which reflects the founders inspiration.
Satori design skateboard wheels that are not only eco-friendly for the planet, but for the riders as well. Satori skateboard wheels use less petroleum oil than any other brand. By substituting soy and corn oil, they are lessening the demand on foreign oil one wheel at a time. Satori uses hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled polyester to design their wheels.
Satori Movement

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