Landyachtz Drop Cat Seeker Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup
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Landyachtz Drop Cat Seeker Complete 9.625" x 33" Black $279.95
Sector 9 Unagi Rips Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup
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Sector 9 Unagi Rips Complete 8.75" x 34.5" Grey $254.95 Original price was: $254.95.$119.95Current price is: $119.95. (ends 14 Aug)
Sector 9

Sector 9 Jammer Rips 7.875″ x 28.5″ Grey

Original price was: $224.95.Current price is: $119.95. (ends 14 Aug)

Ready to catch a wave and have your cruising through the streets with ease is the Sector 9 Jammer Rips complete!

Ready to turn on a dime, and provide the responsive feel you desire are the Gullwing Mission TKP trucks. These 8.375″ Gullwing trucks are strong, agile, and ready to grip the tightest turns. Paired with Sector 9 Nineballs that coming rolling in with a 61mm diameter and 78a durometer provides a good roll speed and come with either a natural finish for speed and grip, or a stone-ground finish for immediate slides. Overall, this a perfect complete for beginners and pros alike looking to add a beautiful comforting and performance level ride to their quiver!

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Sector 9 Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Sector 9 Jammer Rips Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSector 9 Jammer Rips Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSector 9 Jammer Rips Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSector 9 Jammer Rips Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSector 9 Longboards Canada Pickup BoarderLabs VancouverSince Sector 9 was founded by surfers in Ja Jolla, California (you should know this by now), it’s only fitting that their boards would be heavily surf-inspired throughout the years!

This year’s Swell Photo Collection is no different. For this year’s offering, we’ve headed South… way South… to feature photographer Hayden Richards a.k.a. Rich Richards a.k.a. SA Rips. Hailing from South Australia, his photography is stark contrast to the bright, colorful, sun-soaked barrels you’re probably accustomed to seeing don their decks. The moody, serene and often dark images of barren stretches and isolated landscapes are punctuated by ocean views and perfect barrels.

Sector 9 has chosen to compliment the subtlety of his images with flat, matte bottom graphics on some surf-inspired shapes like the Jammer and Unagi, as well as an all-around favorite in the Meridian. Sector 9 is super stoked to show off his incredible images with this collection that’ll have you transported to the other side in search of ocean perfection.


All of Gullwing’s Mission trucks feature the traditional kingpin style and are best used for cruising or carving. The knurled kingpin stays securely in place while riding and the bent pivot provides deep, drawn-out, carves. The 356 Aluminum and Chromoly axle have become the ‘gold-standard’ of the truck industry and have proven themselves through years of use and abuse. This heat-treated aluminum cannot be die-cast, and is responsible for the strength and familiar grind characteristics you should expect from a quality truck.

Additional benefits come from the integrated speed ring on both the hanger and axle nut. The rings provide improved alignment to your bearings, for better speed roll and longevity.  They also reduce friction, by only touching the inner race of the bearing and because they are integrated, you can’t lose them! Mission trucks feature a 6-hole baseplate for old school or new school mounting and come with 89A barrel/cone bushings.


Nineballs have been a long-time favorite of skaters from all walks of life. From cruising kids to freeriding chargers, Sector 9 has got something for everyone in this collection. With a 61mm diameter and 78a durometer provides a good roll speed and come with either a natural finish for speed and grip, or a stone-ground finish for immediate slides. Paired with ABEC rated bearings, it provides the perfect match if you are wanting to have some fun while cruising around.


  • Deck width: 7.875″
  • Deck length: 28.5″
  • Wheelbase: 14.75″
  • 7-ply Maple constructed deck
  • Gullwing Mission Trucks
  • S9 Nineballs 61mm 78a
  • ABEC rated bearings
  • More here: SECTOR 9 COMPLETES

Sector 9 Surfskate Canada Online Sale Surfskate city Pick Up Vancouver

Need to get a breath of fresh air? Looking for a quick sidewalk carve to take your mind off things? Look no further! All new 2020 Cruiser Series is here just in time for Spring. We’re introducing a brand new shape in the Hair Barrel Hopper. It’s one of the smallest boards in the entire line at 27.5″ long. The 7.0″ Mission trucks, 58mm Nineballs and kicktail make it a perfect corner store ride or driveway slasher. We’re also introducing a killer new graphic on a fan favorite shape, the Gaucho Ninety Five. This board is an all around shape that’s as suited for the park as it is for boardwalk cruise. Both come in multiple colorways, so there’s bound to be a board for you.


Sector 9

Sector 9 Longboards Vancouver BC CanadaBuy Sector 9 Online Canada Vancouver Pickup CanadaSector 9 Longboards Vancouver BC Canada In the sun-drenched summer of '93, a band of backyard tinkerers started slapping together skateboards, not realizing they were about to kickstart the longboard uprising known as Sector 9. It all began with one board, then two, and suddenly, they were less of a backyard band and more of a longboard legion. The tale of how they got their name is as quirky as a kickflip. A buddy from Hawaii, famous for dubbing just about everyone “nineballs” in the most endearing way possible, rang them up one day. Finding only the answering machine to confide in, he left a message wondering, “What's going on over there at Sector 9?” referring to what he imagined was a gathering of nineballs. Little did he know, he was naming the next big thing in longboarding. This serendipitous moment coincided with the theft of their prized hill cruiser—a snowboard they had Frankenstein-ed into a skateboard—right from under their noses in Northbird, La Jolla. As they were putting the final touches on its replacements, they realized what they needed wasn't just a logo, but a name that could capture their essence. The answering machine's message rang out like a prophecy, and just like that, Sector 9 wasn't just a place filled with nineballs; it was the beacon of longboarding innovation.
Sector 9

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 180 × 80 × 50 cm


Axle Width

Deck Length

Skateboard Deck Width

Wheel Size