Sector 9 Phillips Flush Mount Hardware 1.125″ Black



Sector 9 Phillips Flush Mount Hardware 1.125″ Black


The Sector 9 Flush Mount hardware is intended to withstand high performance skateboarding ride after ride!

That being said each Sector 9 Flush Mount bolt features a Phillips head, full size nylon lock nuts, full size button bolt heads, all made from highest grade hardened steel for unmatched durability and strength. Let these guys hold your parts together so you can concentrate on your ride.

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SECTOR 9 Header

Buy Sector 9 Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Sector 9 Flush Mount Phillips hardware is the answer to all your prayers!

This Sector 9 Hardware features a length of 1.125″ and includes 8 black bolts with matching black lock nuts. This allows riders to fit risers on their board with ease. The highest quality hardened steel ensures secure placement during use and minimizes the chance of failure, while button bolt heads make it easier to navigate your foot placement on the board. Expect nothing but longest lasting hardware you can rely on.


  • Length: 1.125″
  • Button head design
  • Phillips
  • (8) Black bolts
  • (8) matching black bolts
  • Highest grade premium hardened steel

While making our products, and living the Sector 9 lifestyle, we constantly do our best to be a friend and advocate of the environment. For years, we’ve been producing great looking skateboards made out of 100% sustainably harvested Bamboo and always try to pair the beautiful shades of the veneers with artists that match their natural feel. This season we’ve changed direction a bit, and gone with some clean lines, simple designs and a toned down palette to highlight just how beautiful the Bamboo can be by itself. Keep up to date with the newest and latest products here: SECTOR 9


Sector 9

Sector 9 Longboards Vancouver BCBuy Sector 9 Online Canada Vancouver PickupSector 9 have a deep and rich history with longboarding. Back in the summer of 1993 a group of friends began making skateboards in their backyard. One board led to two and before you knew it the Sector 9 longboard revolution was under way.
One of our friends from Hawaii who used to call people “nineballs” all the time in a friendly razzing sort of way, called up on the phone one day to see what was going on at the house. 
Of course we were all “studying” so he got the answering machine and said “Whats going on over there at Sector 9?” which to him and us meant a house full of nineballs. At the same time one of the house favorite hill cruisers, a snowboard-turned-skateboard, was stolen from Northbird in La Jolla and a couple replacement boards were almost finished and just needed the finishing touches of a logo. The message on the machine was heard and the name not only had a nice ring to it but seemed fitting as well so it stuck.
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