Sector 9 Race Formula 72mm 82a Yellow



Sector 9 Race Formula 72mm 82a Yellow


The Sector 9 Race Formula wheels feature a wide contact patch for grip and beefy lips for added roll speed!

As a result, these wheels are a new racer’s favorite suited for all courses as Sector 9’s proprietary urethane formula found in all of these wheels will provide you with the best roll speed.

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Sector 9 Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Sector 9 Race Formula Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Sector 9 Race Formula wheels are ready to race their way down to the finish line with all the speed you could desire!

One of the longtime slogans here at Sector 9 is ‘If you don’t win the race, win the party!’, but they feel pretty confident that their Race Formula will help you cross the finish line first!

Sector 9’s proprietary urethane formula found in all of these wheels will provide you the best roll speed, which will get you to the party pretty darn quick, as well!


  • Diameter: 72mm
  • Contact patch: 53mm
  • Durometer: 82a
  • Offset Core
  • Natural Finish
  • More here: SECTOR 9

At some point in time we’ve all had it, that overwhelming urge to SMASH IT, whatever “IT” may be. The feeling comes from deep within, and it’s aggressively raw. At Sector 9, we are embracing the feeling of flying down a hill, hitting the pool coping or slashing a driveway bank, and incorporating that feeling into our daily mantra. We aren’t going to stop there either. SMASH IT is also about bringing awareness to things beyond just skateboarding, like the fight against cancer, environmental responsibility and community engagement. We believe that SMASH IT is just as much about helping those around you, as it is bettering yourself. As a result, it’s time to get motivated. It’s time to SMASH IT!


Sector 9

Sector 9 Longboards Vancouver BCBuy Sector 9 Online Canada Vancouver PickupSector 9 have a deep and rich history with longboarding. Back in the summer of 1993 a group of friends began making skateboards in their backyard. One board led to two and before you knew it the Sector 9 longboard revolution was under way.
One of our friends from Hawaii who used to call people “nineballs” all the time in a friendly razzing sort of way, called up on the phone one day to see what was going on at the house. 
Of course we were all “studying” so he got the answering machine and said “Whats going on over there at Sector 9?” which to him and us meant a house full of nineballs. At the same time one of the house favorite hill cruisers, a snowboard-turned-skateboard, was stolen from Northbird in La Jolla and a couple replacement boards were almost finished and just needed the finishing touches of a logo. The message on the machine was heard and the name not only had a nice ring to it but seemed fitting as well so it stuck.
Sector 9 Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

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Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 40 cm

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