Shredlights Curved Sticky Mounts – VHB Double-Sided Tape


The Shredlights Curved Sticky Mount with VHB Double-Sided Tape is the strongest attachment method for your Shredlights!

This mount will accommodate any curved surface and will allow you to install your Shredlights with ease. This option is incredibly sturdy to ensure your shredlights stay very well attached to whatever surface you decide to attach them to. Overall, this style of mount is most ideal for helmets or any round surfaces!

PLEASE NOTE: This mount does not come with Shredlights (which are sold separately).


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The Shredlights Curved Sticky Mount is the perfect accessory to have for your Shredlights so you can place them anywhere and wherever you want!

The Curved Sticky Mount is the perfect size to attach your Shredlights to any curved surface. For example, these will stick to the sides of your helmet or any curved surface for a low profile, sleek look. Since they will always follow your gaze they will keep you on track and laser focused!

ATTENTION: This mount do not come with Shredlights. These are simply just the mounting bracket for them to go on!


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The Sticky Mounts are nearly a year old and we’ve seen some amazing uses among the riding community. This video will explain the differences between the 4 variations of sticky mounts that we offer, and where each one is most effective.



Shredlights Sale Canada Pickup Vancouver ShredLights started in 2013 to create durable lights for skateboards that could be switched between all of our boards. Since then, we've expanded our range of lights and developed mounts for almost anything. We love to shred, build exciting products, and provide great experiences to our customers. The perfect start to lighting up your ride experience. Equip the front or rear of any skateboard, longboard, or electric skateboard with the world’s best headlights or tail lights designed specifically for skateboarding. Years of research and development have brought this perfect combination of reliability and ease of use to a set of trucks near you. 

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