Skanunu 100% Bearing Lube



Skanunu 100% Bearing Lube


Skanun 100% Lube is exactly that, 100% bearing lube for faster, better bearings. 100% Lube is non-corosive and protects your bearings from rust, to extend bearing life.

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Skanunu 100% Bearing Lube is exactly that, 100% Lubricant for faster and longer rides. The 100% Lube is a high flow, low friction formula that helps to extend bearing life. Like all Skanunu, the 100% Lube is non-corrosive and displaces water to prevent rust formation.

  1. Apply a few drops of Skanunu 100% Lube directly to the bearing as you would with any other lube.
  2. Apply a few drops of Skanunu 100% Lube to each bearing set as you would with any other lube.
  3. Put everything back together as you normally would, then get out of your house and skate!!!

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Skanunu 2oz Bearing Lube Cleaner




Skanunu Bearings Treatment Vancouver BCSkanunu BCL is an innovative product that combines the toughest degreaser, rust and corrosion inhibitor, and all-weather lubricants into one powerful formula. It is specially formulated to simplify the process of bearing cleaning & maintenance. It cleans all components (Shield, Inner Race, Bearings, Retainer, and Outer Race) of your ABEC rated, swiss, Biltin and ceramic bearing sets with its tough degreasing formula.
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