Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Full Size Big Head Wax ORANGE PINK


Spitfire has been keeping you riding faster on the streets, now its time to keep you sliding faster and smoother on the ledges and rails on your local street terrain. This green yellow wax is stylishly shaped like the classic big head logo.

Spitfire has been making great products since 1988, its truly a brand dedicated to skateboarding. This skate wax will give you that extra bit of slide to get through those tough ledge tricks, or smooth-en out old favorites for even better style.


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  • Established 1978
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Skate Like a Girl Spitfire Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverSpitfire Wax Orange Pink Canada Pickup Vancouver

Spitfire wax has landed! This great wax is available to help you slide that much better and accomplish those tricks on your to do list. Wax is a skaters best friend, and Spitfire is down to help you slide longer, more consistently and better.

As Spitfire is a brand with over 2 decades of wheel burning madness, we are proud to carry them and are certain that alike the wheels, this wax will have you shredding faster. The wax itself is shaped like the classic bighead logo and is made out of some slippery stuff!

  • Free bighead sticker
  • Classic big head shape
  • Slide longer
  • Slide faster
  • 20+ Years experience making skate products
  • Skater tested and approved
  • Colours may vary

Luan Oliveira Burns Four-Ever. Spitfire Wheels Formula Four Pro Editions.


Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire x Supreme Classic 53mm 99a White Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSpitfire wheels has been around longer than you think. Starting in 1987, over longer than 2 decades they have supplied skateboarders with some of the highest performance wheels you can find.
They offer many different sizes, shapes and durometers to match the kind of skating you love. Spitfire has been home to many huge names in skateboarding over the years, Daewon Song, John Cardiel, Eric Koston, Dustin Dollin and many many more. I ride the fire, do you? Notable team-riders from the company's large roster include Bryan Herman, Andy Roy, Peter Hewitt, Theotis Beasley, Peter Ramondetta, Erik Ellington, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Trevor Colden, Grant Taylor, Dylan Rieder, Chris Pfanner, Vincent Alvarez, Eric Koston, Chris Cole, Omar Salazar, Mike Mo Capaldi, John Cardiel, Mike Anderson, Shane O'neill, and Guy Mariano.
Spitfire Wheels

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