Summerboard Edge Wheel Replacement Set 75mm Grey


Brand new thane is just what the doctor ordered, so grab a new set of Edge Wheels for your Summerboard and get shreddin’!

The 75mm wheels with a 52mm contact patch are engineered for your Summerboard. Grab your set at BoarderLabs Esk8 Garage.

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SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup VancouverSBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

So, you’ve been tearing up pavement all day on your Summerboard, and your edge wheels are looking cored?

Look no further! These replacement wheels will give you the grip you need to shred the concrete mountain again. Summerboarding can be hard on your edge wheels, but swapping to a new set is easy as pie and just as tasty! If your wheels have been cored, a fresh set will have you leaving fresh lines of thane all over!

Sliding on your wheels all day can be taxing for them. Once you’ve worn them down to their cores, it’s time to get a new set! Thankfully, it’s super easy with the Edge wheel set from Summerboard. Although many longboard wheels would work, Summerboard’s edge wheels have been designed to work with your board perfectly. Get the best slides for your ride on these replacement edge wheels.

Having edge wheels is super important to the Summerboard experience, as they act as your toe and heel side edge while you ride Before you grab a new set, make sure you rotate your wheels to get the maximum lifetime out of them.

Read more about Summerboard and the riding experience! Check out Eskate tech Stephen’s article about his first experience.


Summerboard E-Snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Cruising Portland with the homie a little bit before it got really bad. No filter here, super eery to ride in. Raw sounds no music, enjoy!

Video Credit: Mark Does Everything Instagram: @markdoeseverything





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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm
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