Summerboard SBX E-SNOWBOARD – 12 Mile Range


SUMMERBOARD E-SNOWBOARD! Imagine rushing down a mountain, gliding through turns in the snow. Now remove the mountain and snow, and add a battery and a pair of wheels. No mountains or lift tickets required!

Spin and shred freely in any direction at the speed you wish with the Smart Remote Control. Featuring a top speed of 25mph / 40kmh with a battery range of 12 miles so you can carve anywhere you want as you obtain snowboarding zen!



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Summerboard SBX E-Snowboard for Sale Canada - BuySBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

“This is exactly like snowboarding.
It gives you the same feeling of the shred, drifting and carving.”

SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup VancouverThe Summerboard SBX is the perfect way to shred your city, carve your commute, or just stepping outside your front door to find snowboarding zen!

Get shredding away as if you were on the mountains with the Summerboard SBX. Carving in with a 32.28″ (82cm) 7-ply Canadian Maple deck that provides you a stance width ranging from 25.19″ (64cm) to 31.10″ (79cm) to accommodate a variety of riders.

Underneath the signature constructed deck beholds dual 3000w motors that are durable and powerful enough to take you up the steepest terrains with out any issues. As a result, the dual motors provide a top speed of 25mph / 40kmh which allows you to endure a full shred sesh as you slide and spin in any direction you desire. Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup VancouverSummerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup VancouverSummerboard Remote Control Canada Pickup VancouverSBX PARTS Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup VancouverSBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

The drive wheels feature a large diameter of 76mm wheels that have a width of 50mm. As for the outer edge wheels , they feature a diameter of 75mm and a contact patch of 52mm.

Thanks to the quick-swap battery design, the Summerboard SBX allows you to keep the shred going without stopping to recharge. One SBX battery provides a 12 mile range with full charge. Please note that the range may vary from rider to rider accordingly to weight of said rider and how aggressive they are riding. Included with purchase is a 110v-240v charger that provides a full charge within approximately 4 hours.

In addition, the quick-swap batteries allow for you to travel on flights with your Summerboard as they are TSA carry-on verified. As a result, always confirm with your flight agency prior to travel as some rules or procedures for packing may vary. 

Fluid slides and spins in any direction at any speed is at the touch of your fingers. The Summerboard SBX features an intuitive smart remote control. It showcases live board status regarding current ride speed and battery life as the thumbwheel accelerator adds for a user friendly functionality as you select between 3 ride modes. With a silicon grip exterior design, it provides for a comfortable and secure feeling at the touch of the hand. 

The magic of the Summerboard is in the powered caster wheel that allows for 360 degrees of control. Combined with four edge wheels, the powered casters can be controlled and maneuvered just like a snowboard. You have two options for braking and stopping – mechanical braking (like a snowboard) or electronic braking (slowing down the motors with the remote).

The most fun and effective way is to slide to a stop just like a snowboard. You use the edge wheels just like your edge on a snowboard. You can even stop on your toe side or heel side edges!

There is also an option to use the electronic brake. The electronic brake is engaged using the remote control and simply tells the motors to slow you down. The electronic brake is not as effective, but it will charge the battery while you are using it!

The new wider Powerball design on the Summerboard drastically reduced the learning curve for new riders. Typically someone that has average athletic ability and has snowboarding experience will learn to carve on both edges in less than 30 minutes.

It is best compared to learning a self-balancing unicycle or a bike. Because the first 5 minutes feel very foreign – much like the first time you learned to ride a bike. But it is fascinating how just 15-20 minutes of riding drastically improves your skills.


  • Deck dimensions: 82cm x 23.5cm
  • Deck construction: Canadian Maple
  • Stance width: 64cm – 79cm
  • Dual 3000w motors
  • Battery range: 12 miles
  • Top Speed: 25mph / 40kmh
  • Battery TSA carry-on OK
  • Charger: 110v-240v
  • Full charge in approx. 4hrs
  • POWERBALL Drive wheels: 76mm (diam) x 50mm (width)
  • Outer edge wheels: 75mm (diam) x 52mm (width)
  • More here: SUMMERBOARD

SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Welcome to Summerboarding! This video includes VERY IMPORTANT information about how the board works. Understanding the basic mechanics will make the learning process a lot easier, and practicing these drills will get you ready for learning at speed. FINANCING AVAILABLE

SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

SBX Summerboard E-snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver





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