Summerboard Standard Charger Black


The one and only Summerboard Standard Charger, with 1.8 amps to refill your battery and refuel the fun!

This compact charger will fill up your board in 4 hours from dead. Grab yours today from BoarderLabs Esk8 Garage.


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Keep your board up and running with the Summerboard Standard Charger! At 1.8 amps, this charger will get your board’s battery filled from dead in approximately 4 hours.

Did your Summerboard run out of juice? I hope so, if you’re riding it! Of course that’s the exact situation for the Standard Charger! Plug into any wall outlet and get the electrons flowing into your board. 

This charger will work on both SB1 and SBX Summerboards. It’ll get you the energy you need to get back on the road and shredding again!

Your new Summerboard includes 1 standard charger to juice up right out of the box. But, it never hurts to have an extra one for your work, or to have in your school locker. Be prepared for any circumstance!

Once you plug in your board, make sure to power on the board to allow it to receive power. Once the board is fully charged, the light will turn from red to green. Then, you’re ready to unplug and go out for a shred sesh!

Read more about Summerboard and the riding experience! Check out Eskate tech Stephen’s article about his first experience.


Summerboard E-Snowboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

LV SHREDQUARTERS spreads the shred with SUMMERBOARD owner Aaron thru The Great Park in Irvine CA.





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