Tech Deck Darkstar Ryan Decenzo Throwback Complete 96mm X 26mm Fingerboard

$17.95 $12.95-28%


Tech Deck Darkstar Ryan Decenzo Throwback Complete 96mm X 26mm Fingerboard

$17.95 $12.95-28%

You know the deal with Tech Deck, it’s world’s most popular fingerboard brand. It’s a staple introduction to fingerboarding world or a great visual prop if you’re into collecting stuff!  

Ready to shred right out of the package is the Tech Deck Ryan Decenzo Throwback that features an iconic graphic with fine grit griptape, and includes a Darkstar sticker!

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Tech Deck Darkstar Ryan Decenzo Throwback Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThis Tech Deck Darkstar Ryan Decenzo Throwback complete is a perfect way to enjoy fingerboarding without breaking the bank! This complete contains legit parts and features of Darkstar’s skateboards graphics.

How sick to have one of world’s best skate brands on your fb! Tech deck is where most skilled fingerboarders started, and some people even prefer their trucks over much pricier options. It’s hard to name a skater who never had one. 

Also, this build would look sick as a prop displayed with your other skate treasures! If you’re a Ryan Decenzo fan (who isn’t?), this is pure stoke. 


  • 96mm x 26mm
  • Darkstar Ryan Decenzo graphic
  • Classic street shape
  • Fine grit griptape 
  • Includes a sticker 
  • More here: TECH DECK

Leticia Bufoni is the true definition of start small and go big, from big dreams at a young age, to having her own Tech Deck. Leticia talks about her journey to the top.


Tech Deck

Tech Deck is an undeniable icon and the most popular fingerboard brand. The majority of people start their fb journey here due to Tech Deck's affordability, popularity, and wide range of graphics from world's famous skate brands.
Aside from traditional street shaped boards, you can also find Tech Deck pool/cruiser decks, longboards, and most importantly, street and park obstacles.
Whether you are looking for a gateway into fingerboarding world, or collecting graphics of your favorite skate brand, Tech Deck is the way to go!
Tech Deck Fingerboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

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