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Bust out some of those fancy lighter tricks or light up your favourite smokable with this Thank You Bic Lighter!

This lighter features a screen printed graphic of a signature Thank You Happy High Cloud design. Please be responsible with what you light on fire. Consider those around you in all of your major life decisions.

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Thankyou Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Thank You Bic Lighter Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupLight one up with this Thank You Bic Lighter!

This Bic lighter is a perfect accessory to have on your person whether skating or going through your everyday adventures. This lighter features a screen printed signature happy high cloud design.

Like lighting stuff on fire wasn’t cool enough already. Now you can burn things in style with this sweet Thank You Bic Lighter. From things you shouldn’t be smoking to things that are okay to light on fire (a campfire?) this lighter is sure to get you into, and out of trouble.


Skateboarding in Jamaica, much like skateboarding as a whole, was born from surfing. Check out Jamaica’s first built skate spots at Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay near Kingston, Jamaica and also the DIY quarter at Boston Bay, Portland. Thank You Skate Co was invited to Jamaica to skate and get involved with raising money to support Freedom Skatepark and Youth Center which will provide young people with a multi-purpose creative platform for education and youth entrepreneurship.


Thank You Skateboards

Thankyou Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Daewon and I have been friends for many years and have shared the same sponsor on a few occasions so it's a real honor and dream come true to finally be able to start a board company with him that shows our appreciation to skateboarding." -Torey Pudwill
What happened, Torey? You quit Plan B? Are you crazy? That’s Danny Way’s company! Torey: I mean, we’re all crazy. That’s the whole point of following your dreams as a pro skater. You gotta follow your gut and when your gut’s telling you something you’ll never know if it’s real unless you try. So that’s how this came about.
Thank You Skateboards

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