Theeve Trucks CSX 5.25″ Moose Ying Yang Dragon White


The Theeve CSX Moose Ying Yang Dragon Trucks features complimentary forces to suit your skate setup and the signature Theeve True Turn Geometry!

CSX model features a classic cast hanger and baseplate, non-slip Cro-Molly axle, Grade 8 steel kingpins, and hardcore bushings 55mm high to center of axle. As a result, Theeve presents to you what is probably one of the best all-round trucks on the market!

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Theeve Trucks CSX 5.25" Moose Ying Yang Dragons Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupTheeve Trucks Skateboard Size Chart Canada Pickup Vancouver

Theeve CSX Moose Ying Yang Dragons trucks might seem basic but they are awaiting for not-so-basic tricks. CSX’s are tough and responsive, they appeal to many skating genres. Whether you grind ledges all day, or can’t seem to step out of your favorite pool, Theeve CSX will provide a responsive ride and are built to last!  

CSX model features classic cast hanger and baseplate, non-slip Cro-Molly axle, Grade 8 steel hollow kingpin, and Bones Hardcore bushings. This is a 55mm tall truck so get ready for a tasteful stance and Theeve’s signature True Turn Geometry.  


  • Hanger width: 5.25″ (for 7.75″ – 8″)
  • Truck height: 55mm tall
  • Non-slip Cro-Molly axles
  • Grade 8 steel hollow kingpins
  • Bones Hardcore bushings
  • More here: THEEVE TRUCKS

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Theeve Trucks proudly presents Bryan Whalen. Filmed and edited by Alex Kissinger. Overall, be sure to check out more Theeve trucks HERE.



Theeve Titanium Trucks Canada Pickup VancouverTHEEVE TRUCKS - Titanium! Probably the best truck brand to be realeased in the past 20 years!
Since establishment in 2007 and until the present day, Theeve Trucks holds that; its TiHANGER (one piece axeless titanium truck) is twice as strong and 20% lighter than the average truck.
Their TiKING (titanium axle and with a hollow steel kingpin) grinds better than any other skate truck on the market, that their TiAX (durable 6/4 base model titanium axle truck) runs second in durability and lightness only to the TiHANGER, and their CSX is probably the best all-round truck on the market.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Axle Width