Thrasher Mag Logo MINI Sticker 1.625″ x 0.75″ Red


Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Mag Logo MINI Sticker 1.625″ x 0.75″ Red


The Thrasher Mag Logo Sticker Red is just what you need to make anything cool. Slap it on your car, girlfriend, skateboard or anything you can think of. As long as its dry, stick it! 

You’re a thrasher! Let everyone know! Establish yourself and your personal items! Not recommended for applying to wet surfaces.

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The Thrasher Mag Logo Sticker Red is just what you need to add extra flare to any item you need. Make your crappy car cool again, or replace your worn out skate graphics. Did I mention these look killer on guitar amps as well? So whether you want to rock out, look cool or add a little flare to your stuff, this is your answer.

Coming in at 1.625″ wide and 0.75″ tall, this sticker will fit perfectly on pretty much anything! Show some support for one of the longest running skate magazines!

Stickers typically work best on clean, dry surfaces. We do not recommend sticking them on wet surfaces… If you manage to stick one underwater, please let us know… We are very interested!

Thrasher has been a top in slot company when it comes to skateboard information and product since the early 80s! In 2003, Thrasher started the King of the Road (KOTR) skateboarding competition.
The title of “Skater of the Year” is awarded annually by Thrasher magazine!  These guys also own and operate the double rock indoor skateboarding facility!


Hosea sends his carcass down huge sets and finesses the ledges with Carl Aikens on the assist. Tune out the noise and take it in.


Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Magazine Canada Vancouver Pickup THRASHER MAGAZINE: Published monthly in San Francisco, CA since January 1981, Thrasher is the longest-running, best-selling skateboard magazine of all time—its name synonymous with both skateboarding’s roots and constant evolution; its staff dedicated to defining this evolution and the adventurous spirit of their readership.
Thrasher is one of the top skateboard magazines since I was a young skater shredding up the streets. They have always had the top skate brands and most recent top skaters of the world!
When it comes to getting quality information on quality skateboard product Thrasher Skateboard Magazine is the place to look!
Thrasher Magazine

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