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Thrasher Skategoat Key Silver


The Thrasher Skategoat Key is the perfect way to help enables you to speed up the process of finding that certain key for the task without spending a second longer to search for it!

This custom blank Thrasher key, features a signature Skategoat cutout and engraving which will be a must have. Functional and fashionable, you can rock this Thrasher Skategoat Key on your keychain just ‘cuz it looks so cool or get it cut to fit a Kwikset™ lock and put it to work. Not guaranteed to unlock the gates of hell, but it probably could bum out your parents. 

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Thrasher Skategoat Key Silver Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Thrasher Skategoat Key is the perfect way to embrace and show your love for your favorite brand with extra skate appeal!

This custom blank Thrasher key features a signature Skategoat shape and engraving to help identify the purpose of this key easily. As a result, it is ready to be cut at your local key cutter / locksmith. No longer will you have to dread the thought of rambling through your keys and guessing which one is which. With a polished silver colour and iconic graphic, it will surely make it easy to tell what use the key is for. 


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Keegan, Kieran, Mami and more fire up Dubai’s epic halfpipe before Jake Yanko and Tom Schaar take it down from the top rope.


Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Magazine Canada Vancouver Pickup THRASHER MAGAZINE: Published monthly in San Francisco, CA since January 1981, Thrasher is the longest-running, best-selling skateboard magazine of all time—its name synonymous with both skateboarding’s roots and constant evolution; its staff dedicated to defining this evolution and the adventurous spirit of their readership.
Thrasher is one of the top skateboard magazines since I was a young skater shredding up the streets. They have always had the top skate brands and most recent top skaters of the world!
When it comes to getting quality information on quality skateboard product Thrasher Skateboard Magazine is the place to look!
Thrasher Magazine

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