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Thunder Aftershock Team Edition 148 Blue/White


The Aftershock Team Edition 148 give you the turning response that Thunder is known for. Perfect for those riding boards of 8.12″ – 8.38″ wide!

These Thunder trucks feature the original team design, known to be lightweight and ultra responsive. These come in an awesome matte blue color with a white baseplate. 

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Thunder AFTERSHOCK TEAM EDITION 148 Blue White Skateboard Trucks Canada Pickup VancouverThunder Gernade Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThunder Aftershock Team Edition 148 give you the turning response Thunder is always known for. Thunder offers up a lightweight, durable truck that is guaranteed for life.

These Thunder Team Edition Trucks 148 are ideal for anyone skating an 8.12″ – 8.38″ wide deck. The original team design you know and love with lightweight & ultra responsive unmatched board control. And of course, that strength is 100% backed by the Thunder Team.

Thunder trucks are the weapon of choice for many technical & gnarly skaters. Low geometry along with an axle positioned closer to a pivot housing, result in them being stable and responsive. Your wheelbase gets slightly longer with these trucks. Thunder design is perfect for grinding and helps to pinch your crooks and dip your smiths. And of course, they will handle all kinds of gaps.

Proven lightning quick response, lightweight design & unmatched levels of control and strength.


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Bringing some Alabama flavor to the streets of SoCal, Alec Spinosi comes through with the newest Know Future video. Thunder is ahead of the game when it comes to maximizing strength. With sturdy baseplates are compression molded, making them lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant. Show your support for your favorite company and get yourself riding on Thunder Trucks today!


Thunder Trucks

Thunder-Skateboard-Trucks-Header-870870x-thunder-headerThunder trucks has been rolling with quite some thunder (punintended). They are one of the original truck brands dating back to 1986.
They have perfected truck making down to a science, currently offering various widths to accommodate everyone board. Thunder sticks to making low and high trucks with various technological advancements such as hollow kingpins on some of their models. Thunder Trucks are guaranteed for life.
Thunder Trucks

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
Axle Width