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Carver CX Truck Surfskate Set Raw $179.95
Thunder Trucks

Thunder Storm Lights 149 (8.5″ Axle) Black/Red


The Thunder Storm Lights are changing the game by storm!

Sacrificing nothing but weight, these bad boys feature a forged aluminum baseplate, an aircraft grade hollow kingpins, and high rebound bushings for great control. As a result, these are a weapon of choice for many technical & gnarly skaters as they are lightweight and provide ultra responsiveness during turns. Designed perfectly to fit board boards 8.38″ – 8.5″ perfectly!

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Thunder Storm Lights Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThunder Storm Lights Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Thunder Storm Lights are ahead of the game when it comes to maximizing strength!

These feature forged red baseplates, which are compression molded, making them lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant compared to cast or poured-mold baseplates.

The forging process also eliminates the most common manufacturing defects and imperfections. To make things even better, these Thunder Lights also come with hollow kingpins that are aircraft grade and are accommodated by high rebound bushings for great control!

Thunder trucks are the weapon of choice for many technical & gnarly skaters. Low geometry along with an axle positioned closer to a pivot housing, result in them being stable and responsive.


  • Size: 149mm
  • Axle width: 8.5″
  • Axle height: 49mm
  • Bushings: 90a durometer
  • Light and ultra responsive
  • Forged aluminum baseplates
  • Premium grade hollow kingpins
  • For boards: 8.38″ – 8.62″
  • More here: THUNDER TRUCKS

Cooper Qua started shopping at Seasons Skateshop in Albany, NY when he was 4, now he’s filming video parts for them. It’s the kind of story we can get behind. Check out Cooper’s new part and some Q and A with our friends at Seasons.


Thunder Trucks

Thunder-Skateboard-Trucks-Header-870870x-thunder-headerThunder trucks has been rolling with quite some thunder (punintended). They are one of the original truck brands dating back to 1986.
They have perfected truck making down to a science, currently offering various widths to accommodate everyone board. Thunder sticks to making low and high trucks with various technological advancements such as hollow kingpins on some of their models. Thunder Trucks are guaranteed for life.
Thunder Trucks

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 11 × 4 cm
Axle Width