Toxic Kyong Kim Pro Pop Autographed Deck 8.5″ x 33″ Blue/Pink


The Toxic Kyong Kim Pro Pop deck is here for the fans of ’90s street skating. Rocking a medium concave with middle rocker for more strength, this board is autographed by Kyong. This one totally deserves a wall hanger status!

The Toxic Pro Pop deck’s graphic is silk-screened by hand, just like it was done back in the ’80s. Matter of fact, all Toxic boards are still fully being made in Southern California, the mecca for skateboarding.

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Toxic Kyong Kim Pro Pop Autographed Deck 8.5" x 33" Blue Pink Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverToxic Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverThe Toxic Kyong Kim deck is a versatile ride for all kinds of wizardry. Featuring a medium concave with middle rocker for increased strength.

This board is personally autographed by Kyong. With a standard 14.25″ wheelbase, it’s a street-oriented board with overall longer body.

The Toxic Pro Pop deck is a versatile modern board that flips, slides, and much more.

Toxic is still making all their decks in Southern California, from pressing, all the way to finishing and packaging. Just like in the old days, they still silk-screen their graphics the traditional way by hand. Besides embracing the tradition and looking stunning, screen-printed graphics also don’t stress or alter wood’s properties in any way, unlike the harsher heat-transfer technology, which became an industry go-to nowadays.

Toxic Kyong Kim Pro Pop:

  • Width: 8.5″ Length: 33″ WB: 14.25″
  • Medium concave with middle rocker
  • New-school hole pattern
  • Autographed by Kim Kyong
  • Classic screen-printed graphic
  • 7-ply Hard Rock Canadian maple
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Brand X Toxic Canada Distributor pickup VancouverFounded in the early 1970s by Dorsey Truitt, Atlantic Skates was the worlds first skateboard distributor and supplier. In 1981, Atlantic Skates expanded into manufacturing for Kryptonics, establishing the High Energy Skateboards brand. Next, in 1986, Dorsey purchased Brand-X Skateboards from Bernie Tostenson. And, in 1988, Dorsey created Toxic Skates as a spin-off of the demo skate group, ‘Team Toxic‘ created by Norm Hamilton. USA-made products, and a true love for the industry and skateboarders worldwide.

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