Toy Machine

Toy Machine Grip It and Rip It Griptape 9″ x 33″


This grip says it all! Thanks to the Toy Machine Grip It and Rip It Griptape sheet, you can slap this grip on your board and start shredding right away!

Not overwhelming but certainly present, this stamp griptape is amazing. Toy Machine grip is the perfect tape for street skaters looking to get radical. It provides great grip and a steady flick giving you great control!

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This Toy Machine Grip It and Rip It griptape sheet is ready to rip it!

Featuring a fine grit that is so grippy you’ll have a hard time stepping off your board. Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best stick, this griptape is just as functional as it is rad. Application is super easy with this one. Simply measure it up to your board to ensure proper fit, remove backing and stick it on your board. Press down and remove all air bubbles in a careful manner as you flatten the grip against your board. Next fail the edges to provide a secure lock onto your deck and cut away!


  • Length: 33″
  • Width: 9″
  • Fine grit for the most grip
  • Strong adhesive for the best application
  • More here: TOY MACHINE

Thus far you’ve received daily injections of Toy Machine propaganda directly into your system, but now’s the time to up the dosage. Here is Toy’s new full-length in its glorious entirety, from start to finish. Toy Machine designs professional boards that are ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. Their boards features a solid shape for an all around ripper. In addition, it is a totally versatile skateboard deck that’s perfect for street, pool, park and vert. As a result, it’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for a staircase near you. This deck is guaranteed to cover any ripper’s preferred terrain choice. In addition, with such dedication, Toy Machine has translated their high quality work into the rest of their products and accessories. Can’t get enough from Sk8mafia Skateboards? Don’t sleep and make sure you stay up to date on the latest accessories and products that we have to offer from your favourite skate brand for your to browse and get your hands on!


Toy Machine

Toy Machine Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver Toy Machine Skateboards was started by Ed Templeton circa 1993. Top skate talent include legends such as Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas, Bam Margera, Kerry Getz, Brian Anderson . Toy Machine artwork is famous throughout the industry, being just one creative output of Ed Templeton, who is also a celebrated artist and photographer in his own right. The iconic Toy machine monster logo has been around since day one and shows no sign of going away. It was either machine skateboards or toy skateboards. Huh? Yeah thats where Toy Machine came from. 
Toy Machine

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