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TSG Status Helmet (With Removable LED) Special Makeup Sterling


Thanks to its lightweight In-Mold Construction the TSG Status Helmet is the perfect helmet for protecting your head on the way to work or riding in the city!

The Snug Fit and Dial Fit System adapt perfectly to the shape of your head, while the removeable LED light on the back of the helmet guarantees safe night riding.

S/M sizing: 54-56 cm head circumference
L/XL sizing: 57-59cm head circumference

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TSG Status Helmet Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

TSG Status Helmet (With Removable LED) Special Makeup Sterling Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup TSG Status Helmet (With Removable LED) Special Makeup Sterling Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupTSG Status Helmet (With Removable LED) Special Makeup Sterling Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupTSG Safety Gear Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupStay safe while making yourself visible with the TSG Status helmet that features a removal LED light at the rear of the helmet!

In-Mold Construction is a technique that connects the shock absorbing EPS liner directly to the polycarbonate shells to create a lightweight and strong structure. In the first step, the flat PC sheet is heated and deep-drawn over the helmet mold. Then the outline of the helmet shell and the holes are milled out. This PC shell is then placed in the helmet mold and the anchors for straps and fitting systems are placed. Then the mold will be closed, and the EPS is injected. Now the polycarbonate shell bonds with the EPS and a super light, yet extremely stable helmet is created.


The Dial-Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds. An adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet ensures size adjustment and increases stability for helmets that do not have our Snug Fit.


The TSG Status’ Tuned Fit System allows a rider to dial in their fit using different thickness pads on the interior of the helmet. These helmets always come with two sizes of pads. Each size comes in a different color which makes it easy to determine the right pads to fit the helmet to the head. It is very important to adjust the helmet with these included pads. For example, if necessary, the slightly thicker pads can be mounted on the back of the head and the pad for the front of the head can be thinner, or vice versa.

A helmet can only protect what it covers. The low fit design of the Status sits low and fully protects the entire back and sides of your head without impairing field of vision or restricting movement.


  • Size S/M: 54-56cm circumference
  • Size L/XL: 57-59cm circumference
  • Removal rear LED light
  • 13 vents with air flow channels
  • Reflective straps and print
  • Comfort padding in 2 sizes
  • Certification: CE EN 1078
  • Certification: CPSC
  • More here: TSG HELMETS

TSG Safety Gear Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Be visible on the streets! TSG’s Status helmet makes cycling in the city safer and more comfortable. The detachable LED light at the back of the helmet guarantees safety in the dark and bad conditions, while reflective straps and stickers provide additional visibility. At the same time the new reflect color makes the entire helmet reflective. As a result, in daylight the helmet shimmers at unobtrusive grey-silver but starts to glow in bad visibility or when illuminated by headlights.

The helmet’s low-fit design with deep side panels covers the entire head without being too flashy; and weighing only 330g the Status is a real featherweight. TSG has revised the classic skate design for the Status. Therefore, the more square-edged and aerodynamic design with new vents is perfect for everyday use on the streets. Overall, the Status perfectly matches a business suit as well as casual clothes. In addition, thanks to the Dial-Fit System the Status can be adjusted to any head shape. Soft, premium pads on the inside of the helmet absorb moisture and can be washed easily; each helmet comes with two sets.


TSG Safety Gear

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Since 1988, we hav been dedicated to protecting action sport athletes. By fusing pro riders' skills and hands-on knowledge with decades of experience in product development, TSG creates superior protection gear for the best in safety and style.
Certified Protection - Your body and your brain are the two most valuable assets you have. That’s why we invest in the best design, materials and construction technologies possible to protect them. 100% team tested and LAB certified. So when you’re putting your body on the line, you do so knowing your protective gear is 100% team tested and lab certified.
TSG strives to comply with or do better than certification standards. Our development team is forever growing its knowledge to make sure that TSG products meet and exceed the latest safety requirements in all conditions. Leading the charge is our global team of solid rippers, whose ranks have included snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov, skier Elias Ambühl, biker Matt Jones, DH rider Kevin Reimer and skater Pontus Björn.
TSG Safety Gear

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 17 cm