Vicious Griptape 4 Pack 10″ x 11″ Black


Hands down, Vicious griptape is the sharpest grit available and it will keep your feet stuck wherever you put it and will keep you locked in just as you’ve always desired!

With an extra thick and super sticky adhesive, which is specially formulated to wrap edges, hug radial drops and any kind of concave feature you can stick it to. As a result, Vicious will fit any board shape, even around the edges, and no matter how aggressive the concave is!

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Vicious Griptape Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Vicious Griptape Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupVicious griptape will provide you with superior grip for cornering, throwing it sideways while free riding, or hitting top speed while straight bombing. As a result, Vicious griptape is the only griptape you’ll need!

Vicious Grip tape is the sharpest and most coarse grit grip tape on the market. Vicious uses premium 24 Grit Silicon Carbide which is sharper than standard Aluminum Oxide based grips. Paired with extra thick and sticky adhesive, this extra-coarse griptape will stick where others won’t. It can wrap around sharp edges easily and on top of old worn-out grip without peeling. It sticks to most smooth and textured surfaces. (Be sure to clean surfaces before applying!).

Each pack contains 4 pieces that are 10″ x 11″ coated with ultra thick adhesive and the backing liner has 1″ markings. Whether you’re adding grip tape or replacing your previous grip tape, Vicious grip tape’s flexibly bonding layer lays down easy & holds on strong, even over irregular surfaces and curves.


  • 4 pcs of 10″ x 11″ extra coarse grip
  • 24 Grit Silicon Carbide
  • Ultra thick adhesive 
  • Easy to apply and contour forming 

Vicious Griptape Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Will Smallwood, Tyler Peterson Gillingham and Clayton Arthurs start the skate season off sessioning the best of what Vancouver, BC has to offer: sick neighborhoods, alleys, and good beer.



Vicious-Grip-BlackVICIOUS GRIPTAPE: Extra-coarse grit for maximum grip and high adhesion pressure sensitive backing can stick on top of your old grip so if you want to get funky and start piling grip to make your own concave your totally able to!
Flexible and contour forming – it works on all downhill deck designs without wrinkling and wraps around edges with ease.
If you're skating in places like Vancouver where it rains a lot out of nowhere then water resistant griptape like Vicious is a must.

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