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From Novice to Pro: Unleash Your Potential at Savage Skate School Vancouver

Vancouver Skateboard School Savage Lessons Beginners to Advanced
Savage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreets
Savage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreetsSavage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreetsSavage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreetsExciting times await, Vancouver residents! Step into the dynamic realm of Savage Skateboard School, where we’re dedicated to bridging the gap between newcomers and seasoned skaters.

Our mission is to cultivate an exhilarating environment that fosters learning, personal growth, and sheer enjoyment. Carefully curating top-tier skateparks, we ensure your initial foray into skating is as smooth as can be, leaving those jitters behind and replacing them with a wave of positive vibes.

Our exceptional team of coaches is right by your side, not only demonstrating impressive tricks but also laying the groundwork for awe-inspiring skateboarding prowess.

Each day is a blend of tailored guidance, mastering tricks, and immersing yourself in a plethora of electrifying activities that resonate with the skate culture. From artistic sessions to honing filming and photography skills, we go beyond the ride itself, capturing the essence of the entire scene and perhaps sparking a creative flame you never knew existed. Trust us, this experience is poised to become a memorable chapter in history.

Listen up: Savage Skate School has strategically marked its presence across Vancouver’s urban landscape and even beyond. With our keen ears attuned to the community’s desires, we scout out skateparks that align with our riders’ aspirations.

Our overarching mission? To provide a secure haven for learning, extending a supportive hand and passing down the legacy of knowledge to foster appreciation and passion. Explore our offerings below and get ready, dear friend! And fret not if your usual skate spots aren’t featured; we’re putting in the work to make it a reality. So, browse through these locations and gear up, buddy!


  1. Single Lesson Package
    • Duration: 1-hour session
    • Price: $55.00
    • Description: Dive into the skateboarding world with a single, exhilarating 1-hour lesson. Perfect for beginners looking to experience the thrill of skateboarding or those seeking a quick refresher.
  2. 4 Lessons Package
    • Duration: 4 lessons, each 1-hour long
    • Price: $200.00  (10% discount)
    • Description: Embark on a transformative journey with four comprehensive 1-hour lessons at a discounted rate. Spread across at least one session per week, this package ensures consistent progress and skill development. Expires in 1 month.
  3. 4 Lessons 2 Students Package
    • Duration: 4 lessons for 2 students, each 1-hour long
    • Price: $350.00
    • Description: Share the excitement of learning with a friend or partner through our 4 Lessons 2 Students Package. Enjoy tandem lessons, fostering camaraderie as you both master skateboarding skills. Sessions take place at least once a week and expire in 1 month.
  4. Trial Lesson Package
    • Duration: 30-minute trial lesson
    • Price: $45.00
    • Description: Dip your toes into the world of skateboarding with a 30-minute trial lesson designed for beginners or those wanting a taste of the experience. If you’re inspired to continue, the trial lesson payment seamlessly transitions to the package of your choice.

Experience the thrill of skating with these tailored packages, each designed to cater to your individual preferences and learning pace. So, if you’re ready to hop on this awesome ride, feel that rush, and find a place where you belong, hit us up BOOK NOW! Follow us on Insta @yunghomieskateacademy or send us an email about any questions and get ready for some epic times on and off the board! Yewww!

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Xander Savage Skateboard School Vancouver CalStreets Boarder.LabsSAVAGE SKATE SCHOOL: Your Gateway to Skating Mastery and Personal Growth

Hey, I’m Xander Savage, and I dove into the world of skating right here in Vancouver 16 years back. I’ve been back and forth a bit, spending some time in California along the way. Over the past 3 years, I’ve taken up the role of a skateboarding mentor. But honestly, my true passion has always revolved around lending a hand to those around me – whether it’s my younger pals at the skatepark or anyone grappling with the struggle of mastering those elusive tricks. For me, teaching isn’t just about the tricks; it’s about fostering a community, comprehending the ‘whys,’ and unraveling the ‘hows.’

Just like tracing a tree’s roots leads to understanding its growth, our mission is all about nurturing your development, both as a skater and as an individual.

Riding alongside buddies on the board has gifted me more than just fellow shredders; it’s granted me enduring friendships that span the entirety of my 16-year journey. These connections have molded me into the person I am today – someone who’s all about pushing my limits.

Skateboarding wasn’t solely about the rush of the ride; it unlocked doors to realms I never dreamed of. The captivating universe of photography and art stole my heart, guiding me towards a path filled with purpose. The pursuit of graphic design, something I hadn’t even considered, turned into my reality. This journey not only nurtured my creative side but also paved the way for unforeseen opportunities – from styling and acting to music.

Savage Skate School isn’t just a business endeavor; it’s my heartfelt homage to the very source of my gratitude. It’s a sanctuary where the door is wide open to people of all ages, those seeking inspiration and motivation. If there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that everyone should take that step onto the board and give it a shot. It’s not just about the act of skateboarding; it’s about embarking on a voyage of self-discovery, growth, and unyielding determination. So, my friend, why wait any longer? Let’s cruise together into an exhilarating new chapter.

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