Yow URA Wheels

Yow Ura Wheels Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard Wheels Surfskates Canada Pickup BoarderLabs VancouverYOW “CHOOSE YOUR SAUCE” URA WHEEL SERIES!

Introducing the YOW Ura 66mm surfskate and longboard wheels! Now available in ORIGINAL MAYO 78A- HARDCORE GRIP FORMULA. MUSTARD 80A -ALL TERRAIN WHEELS. KETCHUP 82A – SLIDES FOR BREAKFAST.

Featuring high traction and rebound for easy pumping, the YOW Ura wheels are perfect for your surfskate setup. With a square lip, 51mm contact patch and an off-set core placement,  you’ll have no issues carving up the streets or hitting the pumptrack.

Manufactured in Spain, the YOW Ura wheels come in a stylish MAYO, MUSTARD and KETCHUP colors. Put them on your surf skate setup and get ready to carve up the streets!

YOW was born as an alternative to surfing for those flat days and as a tool to make surfing available for landlocked surfers. After years of development we created a system that brings you the closest feeling to surfing on land. With YOW you can surf anywhere in the world. Pump, carve and tear the streets apart with YOW.

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Showing all 3 results