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Tetz Skateboard Collection from the Vaults of CalStreets Canada Pickup Vancouver BC Canada

Rick Tetz Skate Hoarder Collection from the CalStreets Vaults.CalStreets Skate Hoarder Collection Rick Tetz Pickup Vancouver

**Skate Hoarder NOS – A Skate Time Capsule!**

Rick Tetz here, bringing you a blast from the past with my exclusive Skate Hoarder NOS collection. This isn’t just any collection; it’s a treasure trove of skateboards, clothing, stickers, and decks straight from the legendary CalStreets vault. Soon to be released to VIP Customer Collectors Club Members.

**From Cranbrook to Vancouver**

My journey kicked off back in ’76 as a bright-eyed buyer at Kade’s Cycle in Cranbrook BC. Fast forward through over four epic decades in the skate scene, and here I am, ready to roll out pieces of history to you, my fellow skate collectors across Canada.

**A Skate Legacy Unveiled**

From the early days at Skate Central on 38 Lonsdale, to the adrenaline-fueled times at Outrageous Skate & BMX across from Seylynn Bowl, and through the era of CalStreets, I’ve been stashing away the coolest, most epic skate items. And now, it’s time they found new homes where they’ll be appreciated and cherished.

This collection is more than just skate gear; it’s a piece of Canadian skate history, a testament to the culture we’ve built and loved. Whether you’re a seasoned skater reliving the glory days or a new shredder eager to own a piece of the legacy, there’s something here for everyone.

So, get ready to dive into a world where every item tells a story, every sticker brings back a memory. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Let’s keep the wheels turning and the memories alive! Have a great skate! Rick Tetz

**Heads Up:** We’ve spruced up the stickers to look their best for showtime.  Snap up a purchase, and we’ll send over the unfiltered, behind-the-scenes images if requested.

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