CalStreets Skate Shop Lonsdale 1978 VancouverCalStreets Since 1978! Our shop caters to every aspect of skateboarding – whether it’s street, pool, ramp, transition, fingerboards, or freestyle. The hallmark of a skilled skater lies in the versatility of their skills. A genuine skater isn’t fully rounded until they’ve mastered the art of skating everything! 

Whether it’s launching a kickflip over a gap, grinding down a curb with a slappy, or tearing it up in a bowl, embracing a street deck is key to broadening your repertoire of maneuvers. Our selection of skates cater to every terrain – street, pool, ramp, transition, and freestyle. Elevate your skateboarding experience and conquer every corner of the skate world – SKATE EVERYTHING!

Step into CalStreets and step up your game. It’s more than skateboarding; it’s about carrying forward a tradition, a community, and a passion that burns in every skater’s heart.