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LACROIX E-BOARDS– PROUDLY CANADIAN: The vision was to create a board to have access to un-skied mountain ranges far in the depths of Patagonia, Mongolia or Iceland. Four friends, eight skis, four snowboards, a Defender 110, good IPAs, four fully charged Lonestar™ and nothing but good memories ahead. Not just an expedition. A Proper one.

Carving in deep powder on a blue bird day. Slicing waves on your 7 meter kite at 30 knots into the sunset. Ripping down The Whole Enchilada on your 8 inch rig. In the past, high doses of adrenaline required the stars to align. As a result, if you’re tired of the performance of your current “production” board, but don’t want to break the bank (well, only a little), this one’s for you. In addition, be sure to stay up to date on the the latest products from this  incredible company. 

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