PEPPER Griptape Co

Pepper Griptape Co Canada Sale Pickup VancouverPepper Griptape Co. offers quality griptape that gives you that perfect amount of flick when skating.

Some seriously talented skaters ride Pepper Griptape, including top pros like Andrew Allen, Nick Boserio, Cryus Bennett, Jordan Trahan, Max Palmer, Evan Smith, Deedz, John Cardiel, Shin Sanbongi, Tom Karangelov, Jerome Sossou, Chris Colbourn, Ronnie Kessner, Monica Torres, Brian Delatorre, Ibu Sanvang, Noah Mahiev, Raven Tershy, Tolya Titaeu, Trevor McClung, and Carlos Ribeiro. Grab a sheet of Pepper Griptape today!

Special G5 formula shimmers in the light giving a “Galaxy” effect. Not printed, effect comes from granules in the grip.

PEPPER Griptape comes in Extra Length & Width 9.5″ x 33.5″ Compared to standard sheets.

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