Blockhead Skateboards

Buy Blockhead Magic Carpet Canada pickup VancouverBlockhead Skateboards, which took its roots in a Northern California garage in 1985 under the leadership of Dave Bergthold, had a remarkable journey that spanned approximately a decade. During this period, CALSTREETS played a crucial role in distributing Blockhead skates throughout Canada in the ’80s. This collaboration led to the forging of enduring friendships, unforgettable moments, the launch of successful careers, the creation of iconic skate ramps, and a wealth of unforgettable skateboarding experiences.

The impact of Blockhead on the skateboarding world was profound and multifaceted. Be it the original and striking artwork by Ron Cameron, the intense and heated sessions on ‘The Blockhead Ramp,’ or the numerous talented individuals who emerged from this era to leave their mark on the skateboard industry as professionals and industry shapers, Blockhead’s legacy remains deeply ingrained in the fabric of skateboarding history.

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