H-Street Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver H STREET - DANNY WAY REISSUE RABBIT IN THE HAT 9.8'' 30.25''team_title_imageH-Street Dave Crabb Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverH-Street was founded circa 1986, by professional skateboarder Tony Mag and bro Mike Ternasky. The two teamed up with pro skateboarder Dave Andrecht to form the first skateboard company that was run by skateboarders.

T-Mags basic idea was that skateboard companies should be run by skateboarders and not guys in suits that didn’t ride, and that skateboarding should be a source of free and individual expression. The fact most towns in America have an actual H-Street somewhere, made it into an every town idea. H-Street is inclusive, not exclusive.

H-Street also produced a host of innovative and original skateboard products, most notably T-Mag’s “Hell Concave”, a board with an extreme amount of concave, which extended throughout the tail and nose of the board.

H-Street had become a memory, but skateboarders of all ages kept watching those ground breaking and legendary videos! After years of people asking T-Mag about the brand, in 2008 he decided to resurrect it. Slowly the company has come back to life and now in 2015 with his business partner and wife Monica Mag, as a team they are taking H-Street back to the streets, where Only The Faithful reside.

We are H-Street. Born by passion, raised with grit, skateboarding is in our soul, it’s the blood and sweat we leave behind at every bowl, street or park.


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