PIRO Fingerboard Wheels

Piro Fingerboard Wheels Canada Pickup Blade Fingerboard Park Pro shop VancouverPERFECT AMOUNT OF GRIP AND SQUEAK! Blade Fingerboard Pro Shop proudly presents Piro Fingerboard Wheels, the epitome of top-notch fingerboard wheels.

The name “Piro” derives from the French term “pirouette,” which describes a swift, circular spinning motion. True to its name, Piro wheels offer a seamless and speedy spinning experience.

At Blade Fingerboard Pro Shop we know the thrill of receiving a fresh set of fingerboard wheels, and we strive to perfect that experience for both amateur and professional riders alike. Piro’s team works tirelessly to create original designs and formulas that closely mimic the look and feel of real skateboarding.

We support Canadian MFG! Piro is based in Toronto, Canada, their small team handcrafts and packages each product with utmost care and attention to detail. Elevate your fingerboard game with Piro Fingerboard Wheels – shop now and experience the difference.

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