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Road Rider 6 NOS Wheels on Display at CalStreets Vancouver BC Skateboard History

From Clay to Urethane: Unearthing the Road Rider Wheels Legacy

ON DISPLAY AT CALSTREETS VANCOUVER: In 1975, Road Rider 6’s stood as the crown jewel among the Road Rider Wheel family, which also included the 2’s and 4’s. These particular wheels, poured with care in ’75, were meticulously boxed, wrapped, and packed, only to be forgotten until this moment in time. Now, the exciting news […]

Pokemon Santacruz Blind Bag Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

Unlocking the Power of Pokémon: The Ultimate Collaboration with Santa Cruz Skateboards

This September we gear up for a special collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Santa Cruz skateboards. The Pokémon community hasn’t seen a collection this sparkly since the legendary collection. Both brands starting from humble beginnings to rise up to their respective positions in the pantheon of human culture. The Pokémon company / GameFreak founded […]

Spike the CalStreets Skateboard Kitty @CalStreets Vancouver

Spike’s Legacy: A Look Back at the Feline Face of CalStreets

In cherished memory of my beloved feline companion, Spike. A stalwart presence in our lives for an impressive 21 years, she etched her place deep within our hearts. Cloaked in the elegance of a Black Tuxedo Cat, Spike wandered the avenues of Lonsdale as if the streets were an extension of her kingdom. Her confident […]

Savage Skateboard School Vancouver Kitislano Canada Meet at CalStreets

Savage Skateboard School Vancouver

Get ready Vancouver! Welcome to the world of Savage Skateboard School, where we’re all about bridging the gap between newcomers and the OG skaters, and creating a seriously rad space to learn, grow, and just have fun. We’ve taken our time to find the the best skateparks where your first ride will be smooth as […]

Sean Clivers Strange Love Online Sales Canada Pickup Vancouver CalStreets

CalStreets Chronicles Collab: Sean Cliver’s DISPOSABLE SKATEBOARD BIBLE

The best things in life happen organically. In 1978 the first incarnation of CalStreets, Skateboard Central was born. Forged from a passion for skating and a regional need for products in the early ’80s the second iteration was born, California Streets. Immediately abbreviated by local skaters to “CalStreets”, the shop quickly swept the market in […]

Venture Skateboard Trucks Distribution Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Venture Trucks History – China Banks 1979

First discovered in 1979 by Mike Archemedes, The historic China Banks are a spot to behold. Located in San Francisco’s famous Chinatown. China Banks has become a proving ground for the more trasition inclined residents of SF. First printed in a historic Venture ad featuring Ken Takeda in 1985. His roll in on the banks […]

Illya Nemyrovs’kyy overview of the 40 year reign of Independent Trucks - Online CalStreets Pickup Vancouver

The 40-Year Reign of Independent Trucks

These days, we see skateboard truck companies compete fiercely. Tons of time and money goes into the research & development of coming up with the lightest, most responsive, durable, and good looking truck for all types of skating. Brands like Ace and Tensor are implementing clever design ideas into their flagship models to make them […]

Ryan B Protest Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Ryan Brynelson, Canadian Freestyle Skateboarder

Meet Ryan Brynelson. He is a 20 year old Freestyle Skateboarder from Delta, BC. He has been perfecting his craft under the careful eye of Canada’s first professional Skateboarder and 1980’s legendary skater, Kevin Harris, for over 5 years now. With Ryan’s sponsors, West 49, Protest Skateboards and Shed Designs backing him up, he is […]

Michael Brooke Nathan Ho Death and Skateboarding

Skateboarding Death and Dying

A Skategeezer Ruminates on Death & Dying Introduction By Michael Brooke and Nathan Ho. There are literally millions of articles, books, videos, podcasts and pieces of art dedicated to the ideas surrounding death and dying. But I’d wager a large fortune that very few of them give a perspective of death and dying through the […]

Olek CalStreets Cheap blanks review Vancouver Canada

Olek: Favorite Setup

olek @ Calstreets Favorite Setup Olek Khrystoyev: I am 16 years old and have been skating since age 10. Skateboarding has always been my passion and there’s nothing more I love then going out skateboarding with my friends and learning new tricks. Currently I work at CalStreets skateshop in Vancouver. Aside from skating another couple […]

randall-keep-on-truckin-concrete wave

Interview: Randal Keep On Truckin’

Hard to believe that the Randal reverse-kingpin truck is now over four decades old. We had a chance to meet up with Jim Ball and his son Steven of Sure-Grip to catch up on things. Look for the Randal RIII truck hitting shops now. For those who don’t know the history of Randal, can you give […]

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