Game Changer Smile Vancouver Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson Game Changer

ANDY ANDERSON Powell Peralta SHOP BEST SELLER 2019 Interview by Kevin Harris I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Harris back in 1997. Hard to believe that’s almost 20 years ago. Kevin was instrumental in helping bring my book The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding to life, and we’ve been friends ever since. When […]



A pumptrack with a Mylaps integrated timing system will connect OKC’s track with other Velosolutions pumptracks nationwide for virtual competition. A portion of the funding for the track was provided as a grant from the Recreational Trails Program of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. “The Recreational Trails grant made the track possible, so we are […]


Girls Riders Organization Celebrates 10 Years

UNITY FUELS PROGRESS. A decade ago, a girl in Indiana had a vision. An unexpected turn of events introduced Courtney Payne-Taylor to skateboarding, and it saved her life. When she started skating, the only girls she saw at skateparks were simply watching. She wondered why there were not more females enjoying the love and benefits […]


Unknown Opportunities VS Future Connections

A few months ago, I received some photos from Simone Mondino. The images were of a freeride contest held in Osilnica, Slovenia. Simone has a brilliant eye and the photo that you’re looking at is my favorite. There’s something truly magical about all that lush forestry in mountains. I quickly learned where Osilnica was located […]


Velosolutions Factories of Flow

VELOSOLUTIONS FACTORIES OF FLOW Back in July of this year, my son and I had the opportunity to ride the brand new Velosolutions track in Brooklyn, New York. The track is absolutely a blast to ride and we spent a few hours soaking in the great vibe. A quick pump around the track will leave […]


Ionic Flux: Molecular Bearing Lube

All bearing lubes do the same thing, right? Wrong. Ionic Flux Black Steel lubricant is different because it uses a combination of molecular chemistry and nanotechnology. You’ll get maximum friction reduction (as a result of polarized molecules), and you’ll also get a lube with a nano additive that provides a self-restoring effect by polishing away […]


The Original Skaters Over 50

Skaters Over 50: Back in late 2013 I found myself wondering how many other skaters were around my age and still skateboarding. I was a member of several online skate bulletin boards like Skull & Bones, Bulldog Skates and Silverfish Longboarding, and as much as I enjoyed them, I thought something was missing: a place […]


SLALOM Racing Spotlight

The small town of Ashland, Kentucky, along the banks of the Ohio River, was host to the 2015 World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding Sept. 18-20. More than 60 competitors came from all over the USA, Canada and as far away as Latvia for three days of racing and fun in the tri-state Appalachian region. The […]

Longboard Dancing Competition 2018

So.. You Can Longboard Dance? Worldcup Longboard Freestyle April 21

So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2018 Worldcup Longboard Freestyle and Dance (flatland disciplines) 6th edition APRIL 21st and 22nd 2018 Klokgebouw Eindhoven The Netherlands competitions. Entry is free for spectators. Bianca Kersten heads up Flow Provider and she is in charge of the event. We contacted her from her home in Spain. For those who […]

Concrete Wave Bud Stratford Interview Everything Skateboarding

Interview with Bud Stratford – Concrete Wave Magazine

A few things you should know about Bud Stratford. He’s known to have gulped over 10 Cokes a day. He smokes clove cigarettes. And Bud loves skateboarding and has done so for over 30 years. He also is a prolific writer and influential thinker within skateboarding. He’s been part of CW for over a decade […]

concrete wave magazine kona skatepark hits 40 years


I first learned about the Kona Skatepark in the pages of SkateBoarder magazine back in the spring of 1977. I was mesmerized by the flowing lines of red, white and blue. The snake run looked positively insane. It would take over 38 years for me to actually set foot in the place. Your first time […]

The World Round-Up Concrete Wave Magazine November 2017

The World Freestyle Round-Up

This was year number six for one of the most awesome skateboard events that exists today, the World Round-Up freestyle skateboard championship, which only gets better each year. Bringing over 60 of the world’s best freestyle skaters from 13 countries to one venue in Canada is an equation for success on its own. But when […]

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