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CalStreets Chronicles Collab: Sean Cliver’s DISPOSABLE SKATEBOARD BIBLE

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online Sales

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online SalesThe Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online SalesThe best things in life happen organically. In 1978 the first incarnation of CalStreets, Skateboard Central was born. Forged from a passion for skating and a regional need for products in the early ’80s the second iteration was born, California Streets. Immediately abbreviated by local skaters to “CalStreets”, the shop quickly swept the market in the lower mainland. With a need for inventory, owner Rick Tetz packed up his van and headed to the motherland, California.

With connections from his first gig at NorthWest Skateboard Distribution, Rick landed in California to open arms. Filling his van with product from Tracker, Santa Cruz, Indy and Gullwing (to name a few) Rick headed back to Vancouver. When he arrived he found the shop sold out once again.

Returning to California again and again to acquire products, Rick forged his industry connections. The shop remains a staple of Vancouver skating to this day.

Sometime in 2008, prolific skate artist Sean Cliver wandered across With a rich history and plenty of photos of the old shop Cliver decided to contact the webmaster of the site, Rick Tetz. Looking for photos of board walls from the ’80s for a top secret project, Cliver contacted Tetz. After quickly catching up over a shared love of skating, Rick agreed to provide as many photos of the old Lonsdale shop as he could find. Luckily for Sean, Rick is a master archivist. Perhaps one of the biggest skatehoarders of all, Tetz ripped through his archives providing Cliver with multiple shots of the Lonsdale store. The bright colours and vivid graphics provide peak nostalgia to anyone who gazes upon them. Graphics were just more impactful in the ’80s, many would agree.

In July of 2009 Tetz was contacted by Gingko Press with this message. “Greeting from Gingko Press. Please find enclosed a copy of the Disposable Skateboard Bible, compliments of author/artist Sean Cliver.

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online Sales

Haut Lamaflex Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsThank you for your contributions to the book, we truly appreciate it and hope you like what you see within – Look closely, its signed to you.” Tetz opened the book and to his amazement, Cliver had signed the copy as well.

In the inside cover next to a note saying ” Rick, thank you for your contributions!” was a drawing of the Ragdoll head, a graphic popularized by Powell Peralta for Ray Barbee. Knowing the rarity of the drawing, Rick immediately added it to his hoard.

Fast forward to 2023. The shop is still as strong as ever, serving the Vancouver area and specializing in Reissues from the ’70s,’80s, ’90s and beyond. The board wall is still adorned with the bright aggressive graphics of their 80’s.

Not a lot has changed when it comes to CalStreets. The Disposable book sitting on the counter in our RE-ISSUE Dept proves that well.

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Rick Tetz CalStreets Skateshop Vancouver 1978 Adverts Georgia Straight

The Disposable Skateboard Bible CalStreets Vancouver Sean Cliver Artist Author Online SalesIn 2004, Sean Cliver embarked on an artistic journey with the release of “Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art.” This groundbreaking book aimed to meticulously document every pivotal skateboard deck ever introduced. Although Cliver achieved a classic work, a lingering sense of incompleteness drove him to envision something even greater. Driven by his unyielding dedication to detail, he set out to craft the ultimate encyclopedia of skateboard decks.

While “Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art” flawlessly captured the aesthetic essence, “The Disposable Skateboard Bible” aims to transcend all expectations.

Leveraging his industry insider insight (fueled by his first mesmerizing visit to a skate shop in 1986 and his subsequent role as a designer at Powell-Peralta in 1989), Cliver immerses readers in the skate culture, its art, and its fervor with unparalleled authority.

As the skateboards take center stage, this book comes to life with captivating anecdotes and memories shared by a star-studded cast of skateboarding luminaries. From Tony Hawk to Mike Vallely, Mark Gonzales to Mark “Gator” Rogowski, Steve Caballero to Stacy Peralta, their narratives enrich the book’s fabric.

  • Bible Details: English
  • Pages: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 9” x 11” inches (230 x 280 mm)

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DGK (69)
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Loaded (132)
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