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Which CARVER SurfSkate is Right For You?

Carver Surf Skate BOARDER.LABS VANCOUVER Call To Book a Test Ride CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS First of all, what is a Carver Surfskate?  It’s a skateboard with patented truck geometry that creates thrust and deep rail to rail carves, yielding a carve dynamic that is […]

Carver Ecothane Feature

Carver Ecothane Wheel: An Eco Friendly Alternative

Offering an incredibly smooth ride, the new Roundhouse Ecothane Mag wheel profile and formula brings additional grip to keep your wheels engaged with the pavement as you flow from turn to turn and has been well-received by our team riders. Carver President Greg Falk, on the Ecothane formula: “We never compromise quality in selecting our […]

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Why you Absolutely need to own a Carver Skate this Summer.

Enjoy a sneak peek of our latest video, releasing next week on Tuesday, 2/27. Once we release (make the video Public) on Tuesday, please help us to share and promote on your channels! Ten-year-old Carver Japan Team Rider, Guy Tokuda, knows how to have fun. When in LA for surf training, he dropped by the […]

Carver Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Carver Hardware – What to Expect

Carver’s new  line up is hitting the year with some updated goodies. All their boards come with performance griptape, improved C2 back truck, stainless steel hardware, and to top it all off the Roundhouse wheels have had a face lift. The C2 Rear Truck’s precision-machined pivot pin is the smoothest truck on the market. This […]

Carver Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Carver Skateboards: What you NEED to Know!

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS History of Carver Skateboards It became clear that at the very least, the front truck would have to turn more than the back one in order to approach the turn dynamic of a Thruster surfboard. Using angled risers and different combinations […]

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Are Mellow Drives compatible with Carver Trucks?

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS Mellow Drives and Carver C7 Trucks: Spring is in the air and it’s that time of year: we are looking for something new, something exciting, a change that is going to make this summer unforgettable! Compatibility is key, whether it’s a […]

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What CARVER Trucks are right for me? C7 VS CX

CARVER COMPLETES | CARVER TRUCKS | CARVER WHEELS | CARVER DECKS | CARVER PARTS What’s the difference between the C7 and the CX? The C7 is Carver’s signature surfskate front truck, and it features an incredible amount of pump and turning radius. It has a spring loaded swing arm that allows the nose of the […]

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The Amazing Carver C7 Truck

Carver trucks are are simply amazing! Looking for the ultimate carving and cruising truck. We have the answer for you! The Carver C7 trucks have a secondary pivot, which gives you a whole lot more lean, giving you that very similar feeling of surfing. Turn most any board into the ultimate carver board. Surf your […]


Shark Tank ► 400% Growth in 1 Year ● Hamboards 【Update】

“Hamboards,” skateboards that ride like a surfboard, was firstly on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 4 (October 11, 2013) and was updated on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 13 (January 9, 2015). It made a deal with Robert Herjavec.


Hamboards Girls | SHADES OF SUMMER

The Ladies of Hamboards enjoying what makes summer great here in California: waves, boards, sun, outdoors and good times with great friends. Music: “Indian Summer” – HIGHASAKITE “Tuesday” – Lisa Alma “We Will All Be Changed” – Seryn Cinematography: Josh Colegrove Productions


Hamboards – Shark Tank Audition

Our audition tape to appear on Shark Tank. The Hamboards crew bears their hearts explaining what Hamboards is and why they want to be on the show! Here you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the family behind your favorite surf-skate brand.


How to choose your Hamboard

Hamboards are no normal longboard. So choosing which Hamboard — available at — is perfect for you can be difficult. But this video will show you all the ins and outs of each board and make it easier to choose exactly which board is right for you. Music: Charlie Chaplin – “A Dog’s Life” Years…

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