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Best Surfskate Brands | Summer of 2023

Best Surfskate Brands Canada

Carver Surfskate Canada Online Sales Vancouver

Carver Surfskate Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

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Best Surfskate Brands | Summer of 2022

Whether landlocked or near the ocean and can’t get enough, you feel the need for the sea under your feet…even on concrete. Thankfully, skateboarding technology has caught up to the demand to deliver surfskates that replicate the wave-riding experience. However, not all are created equally. So how are you to choose an option best suited to you? That’s what BoarderLabs is here for. Below is our breakdown of the best surfskate brands in Canada for the summer season of 2022 on beyond. Let’s review.

Note: The following are not in order of preference.

Top 4 Surfskate Brands Available in Canada and Which One is Best for You

Carver Surfskates

The name Carver and the term “surfskate” are synonymous. They are the brand Canada knows and trusts when it comes to riding concrete waves and for good reason. In partnering with surf industry brands like ...Lost Surfboards, Channel Islands, and Triton, Carver has been able to attain and maintain “surf cred” in a proverbial ocean of imitators.

For starters, Carver has been in the game since 1996, pushing the surfskate movement forward with their unprecedented deck designs and equally innovative truck systems. When driven by Roundhouse Wheels, their dual-axis C7 trucks deliver a smooth and flowing ride, while the reverse-kingpin CX keeps things quick and snappy. The lower-profiled and lighter C5 is tailored for those who dig tricks in surfskate parks. In other words, Carver boards are able to replicate all aspects of the wave-riding experience for any skill level and preference.

With functional design dialed in, Carver boasts one of the largest and most diverse inventory of surfskates available in Canada. At press, BoarderLabs has nearly four-dozen different completes in our Carver surfskate eStore for the summer of 2022. We even have pre-orders available for this highly anticipated Santa Cruz x Carver collaborations.

Carver surfskates are priced for distinguishing riders, averaging in the mid $300 CAD range.

YOW Surfskates

YOW (Your Own Wave) may be relatively new (2014) to the surfskate scene but they are as authentic as it gets when it comes to collaborations. They deliver signature models with the likes of 3X WSL World Champion Gabriel Medina and underground legend Aritz Aranburu. The same is true of their surfboard shaper collabs. A browse through our YOW inventory is like a walk through the North Shore of Oahu’s Wailua Sugar Mill district as you count Pyzel Ghost models in the mix. California shaper Chris Christenson has also thrown his hat (and pedigree) in the ring with this Lane Splitter model. Whether you like the cruisy feel of Waikiki, the turns and slides of Snapper, or the versatility of a punchy Huntington beach break, YOW has a surfskate for you.

And of course, big names from the pro-surfing and shaper scene would not put their names on the line if the quality wasn’t there to back it up. Deck design is on par with the best of the best, but what really sets performance apart are the YOW Meraki trucks. The advanced Meraki trucks with Ura Wheels system lets you pump, carve and tear the streets apart. YOW surfskates are rightfully priced at a premium, at just under $400 CAD.

Best Surfskate Brands Canada

Landyatchz Surfskates

You can’t talk about any sort of cruiser in Canada without bringing Landyatchz into the conversation. The Canadian brand is heralded around the world for their longboard designs, but they have also introduced a line of dedicated surfskates to accommodate demand.

Their 32.6-inch Groveler provides a wide and flat platform for the ultimate boardwalk ride, while the added width offers tons of leverage over the Banger Surf Skate trucks for deep turns and sharp carves. Their 31.6-inch Dark Wave model features a wide nose with a healthy taper and deep kicktail. When paired with a Banger 130 RKP front truck and a a Polar Bear 130 rear truck riders enjoy a maximum turn and response with a stable and predictable ride. If you prefer something smaller, the 29.6-inch Pocket Knife cuts a super nimble board that is capable of mind-bending lines and nearly instantaneous changes of direction.

Landyatchz surfskates are very reasonably priced around the $240 CAD mark.

Best Surfskate Brands Canada

 Best Surfskate Brands Canada

Penny High Line Surfskates

Penny took the planet by storm when they arrived over a decade ago. Now they plan on cornering the land-surfing market with their robust 29-inch surfskate designs. All models boast the brand’s patented front truck design paired with the same quality components you have come to love from Penny, all in one compact carving solution. It really comes down to aesthetic preference at this point, be it MintCactus WanderlustBlackout, or our personal favorite the Ocean Mist.

Penny Surfskates are a great entry board for prospective concrete wave riders, priced (at press) at just under $230 CAD.

Why Choose BoarderLabs for Your SurfSkate Purchase?

BoarderLabs has the best selection of surfskates in the country. We also provide unmatched customer support should you not know exactly what you want. Lastly, we offer FREE shipping across Canada. 


Now that you know which surfskate you should buy and where you should buy it from, there’s only one thing left to do – start shoppingContact BoarderLabs Canada if you have any additional questions. SURFSKATE Lessons call 778-383-1199 for availability.

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