Richie Jackson at CalStreets Vancouver Feb 11 2023. Death Skateboards

In the latest skate bit hosted by Thrasher Magazine, professional skateboarder Richie Jackson displays his exceptional style and skill on the streets. The video, produced by Death Skateboards, Jackson’s sponsor, features him challenging conventional skateboarding techniques with his unconventional and creative moves.

Jackson kicking things off with a royal “fuck you” to the age-old rule of wheels as he coasts down cement bleachers griptape-side down, before sliding on to a slew of other creatively eccentric moves.

It is highly recommended to watch this video and experience Jackson’s unique approach to skateboarding.

During the 1990s, Death Skateboards and Blueprint Skateboards were the two dominant skateboarding brands in the UK, each with a dedicated following. Death Skateboards has always maintained its approach of “fun with friends,” which continues to be a core part of the company today. The iconic skull and crossbone logo remains prominently featured on their graphics, videos, and apparel.

The current Death Skateboards team includes Dan Cates, Rob Smith, Dave Allen, Mikey Patrick, Adam Moss, Richie Jackson and Benson.

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