Madrid SNITCH QUILL Harry Clarke Pro Model Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Madrid SNITCH QUILL Harry Clarke Pro Model

IDF CHAMPION 2019 MADRID: Harry Clarke The Snitch 9 ply Formica, Money Pocket, Made In USA! Throughout the year, Harry Clarke has been stopping by the Madrid woodshop to tweak and refine his new signature board shape, the Snitch. We think Harry likes his new board because he just locked-up the 2019 IDF World Championship! […]


Dancing Finds its Groove

Ahoy, this is Peter Markgraf, professional longboarder from Leipzig, Germany. My favorite discipline of longboarding is dancing. The great thing about dancing is the unbelievable possibility and multifaceted aspect about it. Dancing for me is vivid anarchy because there are no limits concerning tricks, and furthermore there are no rules, no limitations, which I truly […]

Learn about Longboard Wheels Boarder Labs and Stoked Skateboards

How to Choose your Longboard Wheels Guide

ABOUT LONGBOARD WHEELS: Longboard wheels are not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. They come in different shapes, and varying densities, each with its own pros and cons. Whether you need a wheel to grip those hairpin turns or you would rather slide through that turn, either way this article will help you […]


We Ride The Shift

Editor’s note: When I heard that Valeria Kechichian had given a TEDx Talk in July, I knew it would address some key issues. I was eager to find out what exactly she had presented, and I asked for a copy of her talk. I wanted to ensure that all CW readers got an opportunity to […]


Maryhill Sheride

Maryhill. The name is spoken with reverence in skate circles. It doesn’t matter if you skate vert, pipe, park, street, slalom, freestyle, or downhill; almost everyone in skateboarding knows stories about this famous hill and the skaters who slay it. To be able to say you skated Maryhill Loops Road is the equivalent of being […]


Seismic Introduces The Aeon Trucks

CW: This truck looks unlike anything else out there. What was your inspiration? Dan Seismic: We started working on the earliest version of the Aeon in 2006, but the work didn’t come into full focus until 2008. The industry landscape was quite different back then. Virtually all trucks used for downhill and freeride were still […]


Interview with Matt McDonald of DB Longboards

Interview with Matt McDonald of DB Longboards What is your role at DB Longboards? Matt McDonald: At DB Longboards I am currently the Marketing / Team / E-Commerce Manager and videographer/photographer. I am also occasionally referenced to as “Mountain Dad” due to the bear and “School Zone” because I don’t go very fast. I am […]

Hamboards Vancouver Alley

Vancouver’s HAMBOARD Shop!

A couple of days ago I had an opportunity to ride a Hamboard for the first time and holy sh@#it was I surprised! First of all let me tell you I have some experience with really long longboards, one of my first boards was a Sector Nine that was the same size as my Mom’s […]

CalStreets Buy Grominate Rayne Longboards Online Canada pickup Vancouver

RAYNE – GROMINATE & LABS History: Continuing Its Tracks

Grominator has been a huge aspect of Rayne longboards designs! His work is featured on the Rayne double kick boards which are a part of the slide series. In total, Grominator has produced three outstanding boxcar graphics for these boards! Grominator is a street artist, that is making a rise within industry. With Rayne furthermore […]

Anatomy of Longboard trucks

What’s the Best Kind of Longboard Truck?

LONGBOARD TRUCKS: Special thanks to Stoked Skateboards for sharing your amazing info graphics! Longboard trucks are not quite as simple as they may appear. Be it the angle of the truck or even the width of the axle, there are some things you need to know before investing in a pair of trucks. Like most […]


Skateboarding Art: The Fine Print

Meet “Ed.” He’s the creation of Richmond Hill, Ontario, artist Daniel Marlatt. How “Ed” wound up in the Fine Print is rather unusual. Since this is the 15th anniversary issue, I am going to ask you to indulge me while I share the tale. Back in mid-April my wife and I were wondering what to do one […]

How To Build A Stronger Skate Scene

How To Build A Stronger Skate Scene

You’re tired of thrashing alone and you want to make more friends and start a crew. Though maybe that’s not an issue for you,  it could be that your hood is just full of skaters with absolutely nothing to do tons of kids who would love to have a race or comp to participate in. […]

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