Sims Skateboards

Sims Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverIn 1975 Tom sold the first longboards in skateboard history: the SIMS 30”, 36” and 48” models. He immediately followed these up with 40” and 44” longboard offerings. For history buffs, this was 25 years before the modern longboard movement got off the ground.

TOM SIMS: By the late 70?s I got very busy getting snowboarding off the ground, and licensed Sims Skateboards to Brad Dorfman in 1981. At the time we had the #1 team with Brad Bowman, Dave Andrecht, Steve Rocco, Todd Swank, Pierre Andre, Chris Strople, Wally Inouye and a lot of the guys who would become very influential in skateboarding. Many of these guys were the Who’s Who of skateboarding. It’s amazing the guys who were on my team and what they went on to do later in life in the board sports world.

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