New Deal Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverIn the era of corporate entities taking money and control away from skaters, Paul Schmitt, Steve Douglas and Andy Howell along with a team of young innovative skaters decided they needed a change. The name came from a shop in Harrow, California, “New Deal Skates”, which gave Douglas the perfect name for what the skaters wanted – a NEW DEAL.

New Deal had an amazing team with names like Andy Howell, Danny Sargent, Steve Douglas,Andrew Morrison, and the biggest name of all Ed Templeton. All these skaters were extremely ahead of their time as far as skating went, Ed Templeton being the first to 50-50 a rail in a mag. New Deal’s boards of course are as innovative as the riders themselves, featuring large kick noses, adjustable wheelbases and graphics by the riders. New Deal is reissuing their very best boards from 1990-92 as well as the clothes, which are equally as iconic as the boards themselves. All of the boards and clothing features the original hand drawn and screened artwork, such as the New Deal logo, drawn on a napkin in a hotel room back in 1990.

New Deal is true grass roots skateboarding and holds a very special place in skateboard history and represents a feeling and message that is ever relevant to skateboarding today. New Deal showed that young skaters could not only run and market companies on their own, they could do it better and more authentically than any investor looking to make a buck. New Deal is raw skateboarding – no fashion, no ego, just what skateboarding is about; pure fun and self expression.

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