870-header-folk-1Originally appearing in Scotland in the summer of 2006 and now based in Vancouver, Canada, Folk Skateboards manufactures the finest quality skateboard decks out of 100% Canadian maple.

Guided by over 27 years of on-board testing and research in the field of skateboard manufacturing, Folk makes some of the best decks around while nurturing skateboarding’s creative spirit and offering boards in a variety of traditional and innovative shapes. One of the driving forces behind Folk Skateboards is the love of the longer wheelbase. How many times have you scoured eBay looking for a board with a 15” wheelbase and ordered something that looked good only to find that the deck was soft or heavy? Or that we didn’t like the concave? Or that it started delaminating after a few days of use? Don’t ask.870-header-folk-3

Wanting to fix this problem once and for all (for themselves and everyone else) they set up a factory and started pressing decks using hand-selected Canadian hard-rock maple. In all shapes. Banana, whale tail, watermelon, popsicle stick, diamond nose, shovel nose, no nose, tapered cruiser, square shaped, no shape whatsoever… it goes on. If you struggle to find a board that speaks to you, if you lose sleep thinking about where on earth your next deck will come from, then look no further, Folk Skateboards is here. And if you don’t see your dream shape on their website, drop them a mail, they almost always can work something out. After all, they know where you’re coming from!

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